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Last updated on September 13th, 2019 at 09:10 am.

The economic crisis in Spain is hitting the most vulnerable hard. The unemployed, seasonal workers and the low-paid have children. Through periods of hardship, such as we are experiencing in Spain, they suffer too.

We can all feel sympathy for those caught up in austerity. We wanted to try and do something about it. So Ábaco Ayuda was born. ‘Ayuda’ in Spanish means ‘help’ and our aim is to help children in the local area.

We wanted this help to take different forms and so we have selected three different projects.

Giving a child a breakfast

The ‘Asociacion Alimentos Solidarios Torrevieja’ desperately requires money to provide needy school children with breakfast at the start of the school day.

Ábaco Ayuda is collecting money on their behalf to help provide every child who needs it with a healthy breakfast of fruit juice and a snack.

There are 180 children who are currently in need of this help. We estimate that the cost of each of these breakfasts is 0.40€. With a contribution of just 2.00€ you can keep a child eating breakfast for a week. What better way of spending 2 euros!

Donating books, toys and other resources

We all know that books and toys don’t last for ever. With the purse empty, schools in Torrevieja are struggling to find the money to replace broken and shabby resources.

Ábaco Ayuda is collecting unwanted toys in good condition and children’s books in English to distribute to local schools.

Help with English

English is an international language that is crucial for the future prospects of the children in Spanish schools. Nowadays it is compulsory for many lessons to be taught in English and very few parents can pay for private tuition to ensure their children keep up. Even the teachers are having a struggle!

Ábaco Ayuda is looking for volunteers whose native language is English and would like to help school children (and their teachers) in Torrevieja practise their English. We are not talking about standing at the front of the class and writing on the blackboard.

We are looking for people who would be happy to spend an hour from time to time telling stories in English, talking about and demonstrating their hobbies/skills or even doing a spot of gardening in the school garden, in English of course!

We have selected these projects not only because they are worthwhile and practical ways in which we can help but also because they require different types of donations. You can contribute through making a donation of money, resources or time.

Whatever method you choose, you can help the children of Torrevieja enjoy a more comfortable present and look to a brighter future.

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