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Spanish Inheritance Law: integral support in the process

Spanish Inheritance Law

As you know, Ábaco offers an inheritance service to complete the necessary formalities when someone dies and has property in Spain. Here, the transfer of ownership is not automatic in the same way that it is in other countries. We understand that Spanish inheritance law can be complex. Our website has numerous articles detailing the […]

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The Energy Performance Certificate in Spain

Energy Performance Certificate in Spain

We all know how important it is for our own pockets and the environment, to be energy savvy. The energy performance certificate in Spain is one way in which you can check that a property you are buying, or selling, is energy efficient. In this article we explain what it is, how to get one […]

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The Spanish Land Registry

Property in Spain should be registered on the Land Registry or ‘Registro de la Propiedad’. This is an official record of who the owners are and contains other important pieces of information. But what is the purpose of this register and how does it work in practice? The Registro de la propiedad or Land Registry […]

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The Spanish Notary: What it is, role and fees


Last updated on February 1st, 2024 at 02:16 pm. Not all countries have a notary to verify documents as they do in Spain. Here the Spanish notary is a very much respected individual whose office carries a clearly recognised ‘Notary’ sign and who trains for several additional years to qualify for the title. Most people […]

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Estate agent regulations: What are they?

Regulations for Estate Agents

¿There are any estate agent regulations? Until recently, there was no official regulation required for estate agents in Spain. Now this is changing in some regions. In this article we explain what the new expectations will be, how your local agent will be held accountable and what this means for buyers and sellers. Estate agents […]

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How to obtain an NIE document in Spain: all you need to know

NIE card in Spain

Last updated on March 27th, 2024 at 05:00 pm. The NIE is essential for any major transaction you wish to carry out in Spain. It is your tax number and you will need it for buying a house, car, or even collecting your mail on occasions. In this article we explain in more detail about […]

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What is the cost of buying property in Spain?

cost of buying property in Spain

As you gaze into the estate agents’ window it’s easy to forget that the price you are seeing there is only part of the overall cost to you. It’s important that you take into account the additional fees that will come your way. In this article we outline what buying property in Spain costs overall. […]

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Where are the cheapest regions in Spain?

cheapest region in spain

Last updated on April 19th, 2023 at 02:57 pm. Everyone likes a bargain and it’s true to say that Spanish property is well-priced in comparison with many other countries. However, there are big differences when it comes to different areas. In this article we look to different areas of the country to find the cheapest […]

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Your guide to becoming an expat in Spain

becoming an expat in spain

Last updated on April 19th, 2023 at 02:57 pm. Are you thinking of becoming an expat in Spain? You might be on the verge of retirement and wanting a fresh start somewhere warm and sunny. Perhaps you are a remote worker who would enjoy the Spanish lifestyle of outdoor living and fiestas. Spain has many […]

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Spanish property prices – time to invest?

Spanish Property Prices

The past few years have had their ups and downs but where are we now when it comes to Spanish property prices? In this article we look at the trends and consider whether it’s a good time to buy property in Spain. Spain, like most European countries, is feeling the pinch. There are expectations that […]

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Find the best casa rural in Spain

casa rural spain

If you’re looking for a tranquil, sun-drenched holiday, then look no further than a casa rural in Spain. After all, it’s not news that the days of the package holiday are well and truly gone. Now, most people prefer to build their dream holiday from scratch. Instead, tourists will book their flights and accommodation separately […]

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Real estate investment in Spain – Basic guidelines for property landlords

Real Estate investment in Spain

Last updated on March 13th, 2023 at 01:21 pm. What do you do if you have some money to spare and you want a safe return on it? Real estate investment in Spain is a good option if you want to see your money work for you and not sit around in a bank account. […]

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The Golden Visa in Spain – Invest and obtain residency

golden visa in spain

The Golden Visa in Spain provides non-EU citizens with an opportunity to obtain residency through investment. Spain introduced the Golden Visa scheme in 2012 in order to encourage entrepreneurship, investment, and internationalism. However, the principal aim of the Golden Visa initiative is to stimulate the Spanish economy. By attracting entrepreneurs and investors to the country, […]

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IBI – the Spanish council tax

Spanish tax forms

More or less every country has a procedure for collecting taxes to pay for the local infrastructure. Every day we are using facilities that need maintaining and replacing. In Spain, the tax that is charged to pay for these is called IBI. Many of the roads that you drive on, the lights that illuminate them, […]

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How long does it take to buy a house in Spain?

How long does it take to buy a house in Spain?

Last updated on November 2nd, 2022 at 05:13 pm. You’ve seen the house of your dreams, made your offer and it’s been accepted. It should all be plain sailing from here? Not necessarily. So much depends upon the owner’s paperwork management and if they’ve kept up with their taxes. So, how long does it take […]

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Investing in rental in Spain – the safe way

Investing in rental

Last updated on October 24th, 2022 at 12:20 pm. With poor interest rates and uncertainty around currencies, people with money to invest can often choose to purchase property to rent in Spain. It can be a good investment that provides you with a return on your capital now and the prospect of a home for […]

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Changes to property transfer tax – New reference value in Spain

New reference value in Spain

When property is transferred from one person to another in Spain there is a tax to pay. From January 2022, inheritance, donation and transfer tax, will all be affected by the new ‘reference value’ in Spain, in Spanish it is called Valor de Referencia. If you have property in Spain or are considering buying somewhere, […]

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Legal advice in Spain, let the professionals help you

Let the professionals help you

Changing ownership of property in Spain is an important process that must be done correctly. Make sure to have legal advice in Spain, our professional lawyers and legal experts are here to help you. There are a number of reasons why you might want to transfer the ownership of a property into someone else’s name. […]

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Transferring a property to your spouse in Spain

Transferring a property to your spouse in Spain

Many people are unaware that there are significant differences in the way that the inheritance process works when transferring a property to your spouse in Spain. In this article we outline what you should know and how you might prepare. For many people, owning a property in Spain is a dream come true. The purchase […]

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Cautious optimism within the housing market

Housing market

People with a house to sell and those thinking of buying shouldn’t expect the same level of slump within the housing market post COVID as there was in 2008. The situation is proving to be quite different with some types of housing more, not less, in demand than before. It’s still a bitter memory. The […]

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Sell a property in Spain: How to get everything ready

Sell a property in spain

Someone wants to buy your property! It’s a great feeling when you can set the conveyancing process in motion. But have you got everything in place so that you can sell a property in Spain without a hold-up? If you have had building work done on your house you might discover that the sale will […]

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What is the plusvalía tax in Spain?

Plusvalía tax

If you’re selling your property in Spain there are several costs and taxes you have to consider. Some, you’re likely to have heard of before, like capital gains tax or stamp duty. Others, however, are taxes specific to Spain that you may be less familiar with. One such charge is the plusvalía tax. In this […]

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Legal and tax lawyers in Spain: Why should you choose Ábaco Advisers?

Tax lawyers

Last updated on June 30th, 2020 at 09:27 pm. As a client of Ábaco Taxes you are entitled to a number of ‘extras’. We want to make sure you are getting the full benefit from them. We explain how Abaco Online and our team of tax lawyers can help you keep in touch and informed. […]

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CGT in Spain: We answer some of the most common questions

cgt in Spain

Last updated on June 30th, 2020 at 09:27 pm. When you are moving between countries, the tax implications of selling your property can be confusing. It’s generated some of the greatest number of questions on our forums. Here we try to answer some of the questions regarding CGT in Spain for you. However, we would […]

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Moving to Spain after the coronavirus: Make Spain your office

Moving to Spain after the coronavirus

Where would you choose to live if you could work anywhere? Remote working has become a plausible alternative for many businesses. Attitudes and technology have changed over the last few months. So where would you like to call home? Let’s discuss why moving to Spain after the coronavirus might be a wise choice. Why moving to […]

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