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Spanish Inheritance Law: integral support in the process

As you know, Ábaco offers an inheritance service to complete the necessary formalities when someone dies and has property in Spain. Here, the transfer of ownership is not automatic in the same way that it is in other countries. We understand that Spanish inheritance law can be complex. Our website has numerous articles detailing the inheritance process and our legal assistance. What, perhaps, we haven’t gone into much detail about before, is the emotional impact that we see our clients experiencing and what we can do to help.

The emotional impact during the inheritance process

Our assistance goes beyond the paperwork. We provide emotional support too during these very difficult times. Having lost someone you love it can be very difficult to attend to those formalities that are involved in the inheritance process. We know this and understand. Although, inevitably, we are focused on making sure that the process itself goes through as smoothly as possible. We are also mindful of the impact of this painful loss as we take you through the necessary procedures.

We treat each case with respect and sensitivity to let things move at their own pace. In addition, we let things proceed at your pace. We know that each person must find their own way of coming to terms with the loss. At Ábaco we recognize the need to balance this with the practical issues of finding documents and information related to loved one.

Making decisions without guilt

Our clients often experience mixed emotions when they inherit property. In this situation we advise them to think of their inheritance as a gift. This is the will of the deceased, that they benefit from what’s left behind. May what was decided during their lifetime be respected and followed through when they are no longer with us.

In Spanish inheritance law, there is the possibility of representation by power of attorney In other words, we can help you by eliminating part of the burden of the procedure by representing you. In this way we can obtain and manage all the necessary information and documentation to continue with the inheritance process without the heir having to do it personally. This delegation can make it easier to accept without feeling guilty for being the one chosen to inherit.

Inheritors shouldn’t feel guilty, for example, for deciding to sell a property that has been bequeathed to them. The deceased gave the property to them as a gift to do with it what they please. Continuing with a holiday home in Spain is not for everyone and should you decide to sell and use the money for other purposes this is what the deceased would have wished. It is your decision.

We accompany you in the process

The Ábaco team reach out to those who entrust us at such a difficult time. We recognise and understand their grief whilst knowing that everyone feels differently. No matter how much we think we have prepared, our feelings can take us by surprise. We offer our help and support and take you by the hand through this process of bereavement and inheritance. A situation we will all find ourselves in at some point in our lives.

If you are going through bereavement at the moment, are anticipating it shortly or have experienced it already, Ábaco is there for you. Together we can try our best to make, at least, the paperwork side of the process as simple as possible. We can’t reduce the loss but we can make every effort to ensure that the process does not cause further distress.

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Oscar Paoli

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