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Understanding the Spanish bank system

bank system

Last updated on May 30th, 2024 at 12:27 pm. Whether you have a non-resident or a resident bank account in Spain, you will notice that there are differences between your Spanish bank and the banking system you’ve been used to. Understanding the Spanish bank system is essential for making informed decisions. In this article we […]

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The best places to live in Spain for families

best places to live in Spain for families

Many people choose to live in Spain when they retire. However, increasingly families are aspiring to move to the sun and enjoy the very special style of family life you can experience here. It’s not without its hurdles but for those who have made it successfully there can be no turning back. In this article […]

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Making the most of the Spanish Nightlife

Spanish nightlife

It usually takes most Europeans a little time to get used to the fact that at 10.00 or 11.00 in the evening Spaniards are only just coming out to play. The pace of life is different here, Spanish Nightlife is only just starting when many of us would be in our pyjamas in our home […]

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A drive to Spain? Prepare with some advice

drive to spain

Given the choice, most of us would opt to fly into Spain. It’s usually quick, relatively easy and you can sit back on the plane and relax – provided you’re not travelling with a two-year old that is! But what if you need your car in Spain or you want to bring your dog? There […]

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Why not retire to Spain?

retire to spain

It’s a time that people look forward to. The time when they no longer have to jump to the alarm and can wake up at their leisure and set the agenda for the day. But what if you want more from your retirement?  The answer could be to retire to Spain. Retirement may be much […]

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Your guide to becoming an expat in Spain

becoming an expat in spain

Last updated on April 19th, 2023 at 02:57 pm. Are you thinking of becoming an expat in Spain? You might be on the verge of retirement and wanting a fresh start somewhere warm and sunny. Perhaps you are a remote worker who would enjoy the Spanish lifestyle of outdoor living and fiestas. Spain has many […]

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Top three requirements to obtaining a Spanish residency permit

spain residence permit

Last updated on April 19th, 2023 at 02:59 pm. No matter whether you are from an EU country or a non-EU country, you will need to apply for a Spain residence permit to live in Spain long-term (more than 90 days). The way to apply for residency will be different depending on the country of […]

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A calendar of Spanish festivities


Spain has a reputation for hosting some of the most extravagant, bizarre and creative festivals across the course of the whole year. We can’t begin to detail every one of the opportunities for joining in with Spanish festivities, but the good news is that nearly every month you’ll find something to celebrate.   From Coruña […]

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Dogs in Spain – Everything you need to know

dogs in spain

Of course, it’s not only dog owners who want to know what is and isn’t allowed in Spain. Anyone spending time here is affected by the way in which others look after, or not, their dogs in Spain. Barking dogs, dangerous dogs, dog mess left on the pavements have an impact on everyone. In this […]

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Living in Spain as a foreigner: What is it like?

Living in Spain as a foreigner

Perhaps you’ve always planned to retire to Spain or maybe it’s crept up on you after years of visiting on holiday. The desire to live in another country is something that many people experience, but, what is it actually like to live in Spain as a foreigner and is it right for you?    If […]

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Releasing the capital on your house in Spain

The permanent home, for most people, is the largest capital asset that they own. When income is limited, perhaps due to a static pension and increasing expenses, people can turn to ‘equity release’ and opt to sell their property whilst still having the option of living there. What are the pros and cons of freeing […]

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Going green with energy

Solar energy in Spain

You would think with its record for sunny days that Spain would be one of the world leaders in solar power. But in fact, it’s wind power where Spain is leading the way. In this article we introduce you to the ways in which Spain is looking creatively at its energy sources and how you […]

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IBI – the Spanish council tax

Spanish tax forms

More or less every country has a procedure for collecting taxes to pay for the local infrastructure. Every day we are using facilities that need maintaining and replacing. In Spain, the tax that is charged to pay for these is called IBI. Many of the roads that you drive on, the lights that illuminate them, […]

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Taking a tour of Iberian ham

Iberian Ham

Last updated on October 24th, 2022 at 12:28 pm. It’s one of the trademarks of Spain. A large dish of finely sliced ham served at any meal and at any time of year. There are few people could claim to dislike this traditional delicacy but an equally small number are aware of the full language […]

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Completing the adventure – getting married in Spain

Wedding - Ábaco

It’s always good to know that you’ve helped people achieve their dreams. At Ábaco we are lucky to often have the opportunity to provide the legal knowledge and assistance to do just that. Usually this is when it comes to assisting people in buying their Spanish home. But on 25th February we were delighted to […]

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We’re getting married at the notary’s!


We all enjoy a love story with a happy ending and even more so when you’ve been a part of the proceedings leading up to it.  So, we’re delighted to be able to share a very special journey with a very special outcome – a Costa Blanca wedding that Ábaco had the privilege to be part […]

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Quirónsalud opens a Medical Centre in Gran Alacant


This is the fifth Quirónsalud centre in the province of Alicante. The company has more than 40,000 professionals in over 125 healthcare centres.   This past July, Quirónsalud inaugurated a new medical centre in Gran Alacant, Santa Pola. With this new opening, Quirónsalud continues to grow in the province of Alicante, this being the fifth […]

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Do you need legal representation? Watch out for the fakes!

Legal Advice in Spain

During the height of the pandemic and post Brexit it was to be expected that there would be a lull in the housing market. Now, moving forward, the market is recovering and we are seeing an increasing number of homes being sold and on the market. Unfortunately, with this increase in activity comes an increase […]

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Think twice before changing your home insurance

Home Insurance

You have a tried and trusted home insurer and then you go into the bank one day and they point out how much you can save with their own insurance. What should you do? Think twice. We give our advice when it comes to taking up offers you think you can’t refuse. We’ve all felt […]

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Getting your Spanish property back on track

For non-resident Spanish homeowners, the prospect of returning to Spain is tantalisingly close. It’s what everyone’s been waiting for and a few weeks in the sun, enjoying their Spanish property is long overdue. In this article we consider how you might make sure that your return goes to plan. We can’t wait to see our […]

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Protect your property from squatters in Spain

Protect your property from squatters in Spain

If you own a property in Spain but are not a resident here, then the prospect of squatters may be a worry. The okupa movement has gained ground here and there are stories of people moving into unoccupied properties. So, how can you protect your property from squatters in Spain and what can you do […]

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Cautious optimism within the housing market

Housing market

People with a house to sell and those thinking of buying shouldn’t expect the same level of slump within the housing market post COVID as there was in 2008. The situation is proving to be quite different with some types of housing more, not less, in demand than before. It’s still a bitter memory. The […]

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How to obtain your TIE card in Spain

TIE Card Spain

Last updated on October 1st, 2020 at 04:06 pm. As the transition period draws to a close details have been released by the Spanish government of the new identity card to validate residency for those UK nationals who live in Spain. In this article we explain what the TIE card in Spain is and what […]

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Moving to Spain from the UK: What you should think about

Moving to Spain from the UK

There are many obvious reasons to think about moving to Spain from the UK. Counting excellent weather, famously good cuisine and a wonderfully relaxed pace of life, it is easy to see why it is the choice for so many. Over the course of this article, we give some practical guidance on making the move […]

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What is it like to live in Alicante?

live in Alicante

As you may already know, Alicante is a historic Mediterranean city on Spain’s Costa Blanca. It gained prosperity during the 13th century and became an important port for Mediterranean goods such as olives, wine and oranges. In the 20th century, Alicante boomed as a tourist haven; people came for its year-round sun, warm sea waters […]

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