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Expat car insurance in Spain: Everything you need to know

expat car insurance

If you’re relocating to Spain, it’s likely you’ll want to take your car with you if you currently live in Europe. Considering measures put in place in the European Union and the EEC, many people may assume that they don’t need to buy Spanish car insurance. To a certain extent, this is true, as expat […]

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Comparing some of the best international schools in Alicante

international school alicante

If you’re considering relocating to Spain, your children’s education is undoubtedly a top priority. The buzzing city of Alicante is a hot spot for families moving from abroad and there’s a lot of choice when it comes to your child’s education. Thankfully, Spain’s state education system is of a high standard and many children will […]

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Choosing a bilingual school in Spain

bilingual school

If you’re considering moving to Spain with your family, you might be exploring sending your children to a bilingual school. Where your children will go to school is a key concern if you’re relocating. Subsequently, many parents will want to take full advantage of the opportunity their child has to learn a second language. There […]

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Enjoy 5 of the best Murcia golf courses

Murcia golf courses palm trees hills

What makes Murcia golf courses such a fantastic destination for your favourite sport? For one, you can take advantage of great weather all year round at just a stone’s throw from spectacular beaches. Also, there are 22 different golf courses in Murcia, Spain. This fact alone makes the region of Murcia one of the best […]

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5 of the best Barcelona tips for a spectacular city break

Barcelona tips cityscape sagrada familia eixample

Barcelona has long been a fashionable destination that attracts tourists of all ages and interests from around the world. This article offers 5 excellent Barcelona tips intended to show some of the city’s finest museums, districts and other attractions. Barcelona has a reputation for a rebellious nature, especially among other Spanish cities, due to many […]

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The beauty of horse riding in Spain

Horse riding in Spain along the beach

Horse riding in Spain conjures images of a lonely beach, virgin sand, and the steady rhythm of a fine stallion galloping along the shoreline. Imagine holding its broad neck with the wind flying through your hair as you breathe the sea air in deeply. All of this is possible in Spain, where there are a […]

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Golf in Benidorm: Best courses and clubs

golf benidorm

If you enjoy golf Benidorm is the place to go. Far more than an ITV series, Benidorm is one of Spain’s, if not Europe’s, most underrated golf resorts.  With gorgeous weather, a wealth of stunning courses and a variety of properties – both traditional and new – Benidorm is the place to be if you […]

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Pine processionary caterpillar in Spain: Dangers and advice

Processionary carterpillar

If you live in Spain or visit during the springtime, you might have heard people talking about the pine processionary caterpillar.  This specie is often mentioned by dog owners who are warning others of the danger. They’re a real threat too; we don’t usually associate caterpillars with the potential to kill, but this species has […]

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Making the last wish come true

Imagine that before you die you have the privilege of rubbing a magic lamp, just like Aladdin, to make a wish come true. You perhaps have opportunity to wish for something that you have never been able to do before. A last wish. Four health workers have established in Murcia a scheme that enables people […]

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Helping disabled children and adults – ALPE

Many people travelling up and down the old Alicante Road or Cortes Valencianas in Torrevieja will never have noticed ALPE (Asociación Comarcal para la Rehabilitación del Discapacitado). It’s on the side of this very popular stretch of road and provides education and life-long learning opportunities for children and adults who have a disability. The facilities […]

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Consul advice for British citizens in Spain

On Monday 12th February the British Consul, Sarah-Jane Morris, visited Torrevieja town hall to meet the public and answer questions about Brexit. In this article we share the advice she gave. We are now approaching the second year of preparing for Brexit and those people who live abroad are understandably feeling a little uneasy. Although […]

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Who lives in Torrevieja 2018?

The most recent padrón statistics show changes in the local population. We look in more detail at what they tell us and why all residents should be registered. The padrón is the town census which should include the names of all the people who live there. The latest statistics recorded in Torrevieja suggest that there […]

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Active in English thanks Ábaco

Most of the property sales that Ábaco assists with are for homes. They are on behalf of those residents and non-residents in Spain who recognise the importance of enlisting a solicitor who will look after their interests. However, there are occasions when Ábaco is asked to help with the purchase of something a little different. […]

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Where to go hiking in Spain

If you want to go hiking in Spain then you really are spoilt for choice. Spain has 14 national parks, every one of which can be an interesting alternative for a hike. We mention some of these routes in this article, but it is impossible to cover all of them. It’s worth noting that although […]

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The rise and fall of solar energy in Spain

Solar energy in Spain

You’d think with the seemingly endless sunshine in Spain that solar power would be its chief form of energy. However, this is not the case. Why doesn’t Spain invest more heavily in solar power? Spain has a reputation for the number of sunny days that it can boast. Even in the winter it rarely rains […]

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Summer means the Moors and Christians

If you regularly visit Spain during the summer then you really should at least once watch a Moors and Christians parade. This mixture of history, tradition and sheer dressing-up madness is a must for all ages. It can also be a long night ahead if you have the stamina! In virtually every town and city […]

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Spain tops the list for Erasmus +

Erasmus is a European Union student exchange programme which has built a reputation for being a life-changing and inspirational experience. Not surprisingly, many students want to come to Spain. In this article we consider why and what the benefits are. There are currently more than 4,000 higher education institutions such as universities taking part in […]

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Homely and sophisticated – the food in Spain

From the homely tapas to the sophisticated Michelin starred restaurant, the food in Spain has something for everyone. If you think of Spanish food, what are the first images that come to mind? It might be garlic, paella, tapas, or the display of hams and cured meats at the market. Spanish food is often simple, colourful […]

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Salt and Sailors in Torrevieja

Some people think of Torrevieja as just a seaside holiday resort. In the hustle and bustle of the summer season you could be forgiven for this. However, it’s also a town with a history and salt is at its heart. Torrevieja’s population has rocketed in the last half-century, but its growth hasn’t always been due […]

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Torrevieja – so much more than a beach resort

Most people think of Torrevieja as primarily being a seaside resort. It’s not a package holiday destination as such but, with its prime location on the shores of the Mediterranean, it’s a popular holiday destination for Northern Europeans and Spanish alike. Although this swells business during the spring and summer season, it leaves the town […]

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Spanish residency for the self-employed and businesses

This is the fourth article of a series of five articles on Spanish residency for EU and British citizens. David Ruiz of Torrevieja Translations explains the process and what you need to comply.   The table of contents is: Spanish Residency Overview Pensioners Workers Self-employed/business Unemployed Today’s article will only concentrate on EU and British self-employed and […]

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Understanding insurance in Spain

If you buy a property in Spain then you will need to take out insurance. Insurance in Spain works very similarly to that in other European countries, more or less. You pay a Premium and, unless you have to make a claim, that is it. However, there are a few differences and some issues that […]

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Problems with noise in Spain

Noisy neighbours, barking dogs, bars and restaurants playing music to the early hours. We’re often asked what can be done about noise in Spain. In this article Marina Lorente from our legal department looks at the issue and the possible actions that can be taken. Spain is not renowned for being the most restrained of […]

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Spanish residency for EU and British workers

This is the third article of a series of five articles on Spanish residency for EU and British citizens. David Ruiz of Torrevieja Translations explains the process and what you need to comply.   The table of contents is: Spanish Residency Overview Pensioners Workers Self-employed/business Unemployed This article focuses on EU and British job seekers. You can […]

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Spain breaks its tourism record

The number of tourists visiting Spain keeps on rising. In 2015 68.1 million people came to Spain whilst in 2016 the number recorded had reached 71.6 million by November. In this Infograph we can clearly see how the number of tourists visiting Spain over the past three years has been growing. The increase has been […]

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