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The 5 best Valencia golf courses

Last updated on February 19th, 2020 at 01:11 am.

Valencia is famous for great weather, paella, oranges and of course, football. However, there is a quickly burgeoning golfing scene here that rivals the great golfing destinations of the world. Valencia golf courses are a great option because of their exposure to the region’s 300 days of sunshine a year. Furthermore, it features a variety of landscapes conducive to excellent golf course design. 

Here we list the 5 best Valencia golf courses to practice getting that hole-in-one:

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1. La Galiana

As one of the most stunningly picturesque golf courses in Valencia, if not Europe, La Galiana offers a real challenge. Golfers of any level will enjoy the undulating fairways built into the valley of lush pine forests. Therefore, the gaming is unique, with some genuinely challenging holes at strategic points in the course including the aptly named ‘La Serpentiente’. This hole follows a snaking path that seemingly drops off into nothing. Moreover, many aquatic obstacles mark the course, presenting extra challenges for the player.

The course is about an hour south of the city and enjoys seclusion from other residential development. 

2. El Saler

Set right up on the Mediterranean coast, El Saler is a Valencia golf course that stands out. Built by Javier Arena in 1968, the course has since played host to the best and brightest all year round. It stands out at the cutting edge of Valencia’s growth as a region and destination with its superb facilities. It is notable for its varied zones each offering a different style of playing. Warm sea breezes come in from the shoreline while you battle against sand dunes, pot bunkers and difficult blind shots. Also, there is a woodland section giving you a nice break from the sea winds.

3. El Bosque

El Bosque was designed by Robert Trent Jones in 1975 and is a golf course with a commitment to environmentally friendly practices, . It is a challenging course with most holes presenting different degrees of difficulty. The par five 7th hole leans from left to right, forcing the player to ensure the ball does not deviate. Furthermore, sand bunkers litter the course that will test the mettle of any player. This one is not for the faint-hearted!

4. Oliva Nova

The Severiano Ballasteros designed course covers a lot of ground and is moderately smooth. It is embedded in palm trees strategically placed to separate fairways and to surround the many sparkling blue lagoons. The course itself is part of a large hotel, residential and entertainment complex providing all the comforts and amenities one could need. All players need to battle against the prevailing sea wind and the various “dogleg” holes that are a feature here.

5. Escorpion

Escorpion is a recently refurbished 18-hole course with more than enough dog legs, palm trees and large lakes. Of all the Valencia golf courses, Escorpion makes for a charming play, with some non-challenging holes offering respite to the weary golfer. Located within suburban Valencia, it is very easy to get to and provides gentle golfing suitable for all levels and ages

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Explore Valencia’s many charms

All of the golf courses in Valencia are characterised by year-round good weather, variety and challenge. The nearby city is of a world-standard making the destination a major attraction for both golf-lovers and the yet to be converted. If looking for a city to live in southern Spain, look no further than Valencia and allow Abaco Advisers to help you find the perfect place.

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