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How to make the most of Tarifa kitesurfing

Last updated on March 25th, 2020 at 06:01 pm.

Kitesurfing, particularly Tarifa kitesurfing, is one of those rare joys. Your first forays into the waves are marked by sheer surprise at the power of the wind and the speed of the board. It is a tricky sport to get the hang of, but once you do you feel like you are flying across the waves

If you know anything about Tarifa, it is probably that the kitesurfing there is second to none. You will probably have also heard about the town’s extraordinarily beautiful beaches, its adorable meandering streets and it being the most southerly point of mainland Europe. It has a rich and varied history like much of the region after Romans, Muslims and Christians settled in the region. You can read its history in the walls of houses, churches and in the structure of the city. 

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Tourists come from all over Europe to enjoy its watersport opportunities. Owing to its unique geographical position, the town enjoys strong winds for around 300 days per year. Furthermore, Tarifa has many kitesurfing options for those looking for a more active holiday. See here for more information about the sporting seasons in Tarifa. In this article, we show you some of the best beaches and schools for Tarifa kitesurfing. 

The beaches

Playa de Los Lances

As Tarifa’s most renowned beach, some of the most accessible watersports can be found by kitesurfers here. It still retains enough of a challenge to keep more experienced kitesurfers interested. This is owing to the greater strength of the Poniente wind, contributing to stronger waves. This wide-open beach is dotted with several chiringuitos that serve beer, food and other refreshments. 

Playa Balneario

The more proficient kitesurfers will find plenty here to keep them coming back. Both the Poniente and Levante winds batter this beach. This makes for large waves and fast conditions. During the summer months between 15th June to 15th September, the beach is closed to kitesurfers because of the generally rougher conditions. 

Playa de Bolonia

This beach has everything. An excellent combination of both winds can make waves reach heights of up to three metres. These reliably exhilarating waves make for the perfect kitesurf outing for those looking to raise their level. This beach is 25km away from Tarifa itself, but is well worth the trip even if only to explore the charming little town. This, coupled with the nearby Roman ruins, Baelo Claudia, make for Playa de Bolonia to be one of our favourite kitesurfing destinations.

The Tarifa kitesurfing schools

Of course, if you know your way around a kitesurf board and can handle yourself in the rough and tumble of the waves, then the beaches are free for you to explore. However, if you are relatively new to the sport, then you could do worse then get enrolled in one of the many excellent kitesurfing schools dotted around Tarifa.


One of the most consistently highly rated schools in Tarifa, Rebels, is suitable for all ages and abilities. People appreciate this school for its high quality and clean equipment, attention-to-detail and value for money. 

Kite Relax Tarifa

This local school run by two guys is small enough to accommodate almost any wish. For the beginners, they provide a hands-on, detailed approach to what, for many, can be a daunting sport. For the experienced just looking to improve and get on a board, they provide the space they need. They only need to give a few pointers here and there

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Tarifa kitesurfing is widely regarded by many as some of the best in the world

Speak to any kitesurfer and the name Tarifa is never far from their lips. Experts the world over will tell you how unique and special this destination is. From the year-round terrific kitesurfing conditions to the charms of the town itself, it is hard to find a reason not to visit Tarifa. For those looking for a home in the sun, there are many good arguments for buying in the Cádiz region. Great house prices, beautiful weather and lifestyle make Tarifa and the wider Cádiz region an excellent place for people to consider purchasing a home.

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