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5 of the best water parks in Spain

Last updated on March 31st, 2020 at 10:28 am.

Spain has some of the best weather in Europe and spending a day out in the sunshine is ideal for families. Water parks offer a great opportunity to have fun with children or grandchildren as the youngest play and splash about and older siblings can have fun on the water slides. If you have recently moved to Spain, as well as thinking about what schools to send your children to, you will need to think about how to have fun. The following are five of our favourite water parks in Spain. 

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1. Siam Park, Adeje 

One of the most consistently highly-rated water parks in Spain, Siam Park is a Thai-themed oasis on Tenerife’s Costa Adeje. It is so well regarded that it has in fact topped Tripadvisor’s ‘Best Water Parks in the World’ list for several years. Its huge, adrenaline fuelled slides are set amongst monuments and statues approved by Thai Royalty themselves. It features an artificial wave pool with the largest waves in the world. Sliding down the Tower of Power could have you reaching speeds of up to 80km/h. There are also more relaxing options for those less devoted to thrills such as the Mai Thai slow river. There is something for children of all ages and the nearby beaches are very accessible.

2. Aqualand, Maspalomas

Staying in the Canary Isles, Maspalomas is an enormously popular resort on Gran Canaria’s southern sand-dune covered coast. This water park has a pirate theme and includes long, meandering slides. It’s one of the largest water parks in Europe and has a variety of attractions from those for all the family to more daring slides for those wanting something more thrilling.

Other features include the magnificent water labyrinth where you slide through tunnels before entering a multi-lane finish and the boomerang. The boomerang hurtles you vertically upwards along a steep incline before dropping you back down again quickly.

3. Aqualand, El Arenal, Mallorca

Aqualand, El Arenal, features the King Cobra, a visually stunning attraction that was voted “Best Waterslide in Europe” three times. The red and white mosaic tiled snake spits water from its ‘fangs’ on you as you shoot out of its mouth below. For the children there is Dragonland; a large play area full of dragon statues and plenty of opportunity to splash around. You should be prepared for long queues at this water park, although good restaurants provide food and drink. If you still haven’t had enough swimming and hydro-fun, Arenal beach is just a stone’s throw away.

4. Water World, Lloret

Back up in the north of the country, near Girona, is the marvellous Water World. One of the best water parks in Spain, it includes a wave pool, river rafting and the famous X-Treme Mountain. This is an undulating series of tunnels that two riders sail through on a rubber dinghy at high speed. One fun ride for everyone is Storm, a vortex shaped hole that makes you feel like you are being sucked into outer space. Also included is a free bus to/from the town centre, which is a great beach destination in itself. 

5. Western Park, Magaluf

Last but certainly not least is the cowboy-themed Western Park near Magaluf on the Balearic Islands. The main attraction is The Beast, a more than 30-foot drop into a splash pool down brightly coloured slides. ‘Crazy Horses’ features as part of the Western theme. This is a long surging set of racing slides that is fun for all the family. Those who do not want to get wet can enjoy the spectacular high-diving shows at regular intervals throughout the day. 

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Wet fun for everyone

Water parks offer a great day out for the whole family. You can enjoy the beautiful Spanish weather safe in the knowledge that the children are outside having a great time. For the thrill-seeker, Spain has some of the most daring rides alongside some of the best refreshment outlets. Make sure you pack enough sun cream and supplies for a totally successful and satisfying day. 

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