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October fashion – socks or sandals?

Last updated on September 13th, 2019 at 09:10 am.

‘Isn’t it warm for October?’ If you are living on or visiting the Costa Blanca this month you may feel as though you have been dropped into Spain in the middle of August. It is hot. With daytime temperatures up to 30 degrees this year, it is a notch above the usual autumnal weather, even for the Costa Blanca.

Perhaps more than any other month, October is the one which provides the biggest contrast in temperature between Southern and Northern Europe. This is where you can be thrown if you do transfer between countries at this time of year. Get on the plane in your jeans and a woolly sweater and disembark in shorts and flip flops.   

October and May are perhaps the times of the year that most demand a flexibly-stocked suitcase. Daytime temperature can be deceptively high, but be warned, if you are coming out for a holiday the temperatures do drop at night. So, if you are an October seasonal traveller here are our top five tips for bridging the temperature divide:

  • Do bring clothing that you can layer on – with October weather so variable it is important that you bring something for every eventuality  
  • A light cardigan or jumper is a must for the evening – you may have baked on the beach in the daytime but there can be a chill at night. Make space for that cardigan, however reluctant you are to contemplate anything under 25 degrees.
  • It is worth bringing your swim wear – just. People are still in the sea and making use of communal pools. However, we’re on the cusp of them being just too chilly and you should be warned about getting wet later in the day if you’re a way from home. Chilly!
  • Bring a brolly – just in case. You probably won’t need it, but when it rains – it rains!
  • It does no harm to bring a pair of trousers. Mild this year it has been, but you do notice the change in season.

October is a beautiful month. A relief from the heat of the summer (usually), slightly quieter but still bubbly and the start of the most amazing sunsets you are ever likely to see. It’s best to bring both your socks and your sandals, but perhaps not worn together – please! 

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