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Electricity in Spain: Saving money on your bill

Electricity can be quite an expensive commodity in Spain. In this article we explain how it is possible to reduce your electricity bills and not compromise on comfort. 

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Electricity in Spain

Most people will agree that Spain is a relatively cheap country to live in. Council tax is very reasonable and food and drink can often work out much less than in your home country. That said, electricity is perhaps one expense that people find less competitive than elsewhere. The monthly bills can come as something of a surprise and non residents often worry that there is sufficient in their account to cover them. 

Understanding electricity bills in Spain

It can be difficult for people who are unfamiliar with the Spanish system to understand their bill. Electricity bills are split into different components:

  • Power capacity – the rate that’s contracted in kW x days x prices
  • Rental of metering equipment
  • Consumption
  • Electricity tax
  • VAT

Some of these are fixed, such as the rental of metering equipment, whilst others, such as consumption, vary. Higher power capacity means you pay more and it is worth checking that the one you are registered for suits your needs. Newly built properties are more likely to have you on a power capacity that is higher than that you require. 

Previously those buying properties in Spain sometimes found that their power supply was too low. This might keep down costs but can be frustrating as your power will keep tripping, usually at the most inconvenient times. New electricity metres mean that the trip occurs now outside of the home and can cause even more inconvenience if your supply doesn’t match your needs. 

To get an idea whether the amount you are currently contracted to receive is correct for you, you can use the Capacity Calculator in English on Endesa’s website.

What about tariffs?

You can arrange to have different tariffs, some of which mean that you can use electricity at various times of the day or during the week at a cheaper rate. If you do change your tariff be sure that it is to one that you are going to benefit from. We sometimes think we’ll be more organised than we are and can end up switching to be worse off in the long run.

Most people will probably be on the Government-regulated PVPC tariff. However, there are many alternatives that are worthwhile exploring as a better option for your electricity in Spain. Some private companies will also help you identify the best match of tariff to your needs. 

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Energy study 

If you really want to be sure that you’re not spending more on your electricity in Spain than you need to, then you can commission an energy study. There are a number of providers that offer this kind of service including Iberdrola themselves. 

In the Torrevieja area, for example, Mora Solutions can conduct an energy study on your behalf. The service they provide looks into your monthly energy consumption; the types of electro domestic appliances you use; your routines and daily requirements. With this information you can receive a report that will: 

  • Check whether you have the correct level of power contracted 
  • Adjust your tariff to make sure that the one you are on best fits your own daily routine
  • Provide energy advice particularly in relation to the use of appliances. This includes the ways in which you heat and cool your home; the type of lighting you use and the ways in which you heat your water

The report you receive can enable you to adjust your habits and save significantly on your electricity in Spain

Online services

Some companies, such as Mora, will also offer non-residents online methods of checking their electricity consumption whilst they are out of the country. This can be particularly beneficial for home owners who rent out their property and want to keep in touch with how much is being used.

Different packages can be available that include sending you alerts if, for example, the funds in your bank account will not cover the bill. Electricity boards can be quick to cut off your supply leaving you with the inconvenience of making re-connection arrangements. 

Online services can also mean that electricity in your property can be timed to be available when you have people, such as cleaners or maintenance personnel, attending to your home. Having this kind of facility is a good way too of making sure that your electricity supply isn’t being tapped by someone else when you’re not there to keep an eye on it. 

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Electricity in Spain might not be the cheapest source of energy but it’s one we can’t do without. The good news is that there are ways of making sure that you’re not spending more than you have to

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