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We’re getting married at the notary’s!

We all enjoy a love story with a happy ending and even more so when you’ve been a part of the proceedings leading up to it.  So, we’re delighted to be able to share a very special journey with a very special outcome – a Costa Blanca wedding that Ábaco had the privilege to be part of.

The story began ten years ago when Brian Benham and Patricia Mosdall met at a Christmas dinner organized by the Royal Air Force Association. Their paths had crossed before at a music concert but it was only at this Christmas event that they realized they had so much in common and determined to keep in touch. And they did.

Ten years later, with both of them living in Spain, they decided it was the time to make their very special relationship more formal and tie the knot. Spain has a habit of helping people to renew themselves – find new interests, new life and sometimes even new loves. For Brian and Patricia this was a fresh start in a country they call home.

People sometimes ask us if it is possible to get married in Spain if you’re not native to the country. As you can see from Brian and Patricia’s experience, it is, and it can be a relatively straight forward legal procedure with the right help and guidance. It can also have financial benefits and simplifies some procedures. Although, of course, these are secondary to the emotional reasons why couples decide to make their vows in Spain.

The happy couple got married at our local notary office. Tatiana Martin Ruiz was delighted to preside as the notary and our lawyer, Mónica Guilló was a very happy witness to the occasion. Mónica had been involved in the couple’s preparation for the event and had helped with the legal formalities to make sure that everything was correctly carried out. And what a pleasure it was!

But why at the notary office? The couple first landed on the idea when they saw information about it in a local paper. They’d been considering getting married and the option of carrying this out with the simplicity of visiting the notary, appealed to them. Brian and Patricia’s previous spouses had sadly died and wanting to forge ahead together, the convenience of the notary office made it a firm candidate as a venue.

Choosing the notary office rather than a Registrar’s Office in the UK meant that the couple had to have help with the legal procedures. Of course, the proceedings were conducted in Spanish and neither Brian nor Patricia are fluent Spanish speakers. However, this did not take away from the excitement of finally making their commitment and even having to have their documents red stamped did not alter their delight at fulfilling their dream of a Spanish wedding.

‘We would thoroughly recommend the option to other couples too,’ explains Patricia. ‘We had lots of help from Ábaco and we really appreciated the way they guided us through the process and signed, sealed and delivered each aspect for us. Ábaco’s service and attention to detail was absolutely first class!’

Of course, it is crucial that you ensure that your notary is recommended and that you have confidence in those helping you with this very important step. Now Brian and Patricia are looking forward to enjoying the rest of their lives in Spain together and Tatiana and Mónica are eagerly anticipating more opportunities to help a happy couple in the next stage of their lives.

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