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Completing the adventure – getting married in Spain

Wedding - Ábaco

It’s always good to know that you’ve helped people achieve their dreams. At Ábaco we are lucky to often have the opportunity to provide the legal knowledge and assistance to do just that. Usually this is when it comes to assisting people in buying their Spanish home. But on 25th February we were delighted to […]

We’re getting married at the notary’s!


We all enjoy a love story with a happy ending and even more so when you’ve been a part of the proceedings leading up to it.  So, we’re delighted to be able to share a very special journey with a very special outcome – a Costa Blanca wedding that Ábaco had the privilege to be part […]

Getting married in Spain

Getting Married in Spain

Many people choose to live together rather than get married. In many countries there is no difference to your rights whether you are married or cohabiting. However, in some Spanish regions there is little to no recognition of cohabiting status. Is it time to consider getting married in Spain? Many couples choose to continue a […]