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Moving to Spain after the coronavirus: Make Spain your office

Where would you choose to live if you could work anywhere? Remote working has become a plausible alternative for many businesses. Attitudes and technology have changed over the last few months. So where would you like to call home? Let’s discuss why moving to Spain after the coronavirus might be a wise choice.

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Why moving to Spain after the coronavirus?

Many of us have been consigned to offices at home since March. Like it or not we have become familiar with the potential of doing our jobs remotely. As workplaces become more accustomed to their employees working from afar so another opportunity is emerging. Where in the world would you like your new office to be? 

Until now there has been a relatively small group of online workers who have asked exactly this question of themselves and come up with an answer: Spain. The reasons for moving to Spain after the coronavirus are pretty obvious but it’s also nice to be reminded. All-year-round sunshine, a cheap cost of living and even cheaper property are just some of the factors that are most quoted. 

Of course, we could go on. The food, the countryside, the culture, the fiestas – Spain is such a rich and varied country that many people have found it an ideal place to base themselves. Here you can read our article about the top 10 things why Spain is famour for.

So, all you need is a good internet connection and the software and hardware you need to use to keep connected and you can choose from any one of Spain’s many towns and cities. 

Where to live in Spain?

You may already be familiar with Spain, perhaps as a holiday destination or maybe you already have some family who live here. If you do then it’s likely that you are starting out with a good idea of where you would like to settle. If not, then asking for recommendations from people you know is one way to start

You will be able to find guides to local areas in many languages on the internet and reading some of these can help you identify the area that would best suit you. Estate agents’ websites and local forums can also be helpful but do be aware of bias and try and check information from as many sources as possible. 

If you will need to return periodically to your workplace then buying a property in an area within easy reach of an airport is advisable. You’ll also want to select a property that provides the size of accommodation you need and a comfortable working environment. Good lighting, space and ventilation are all important if you are going to spend a significant amount of time living and working within the same four walls. 

As a reliable and fast internet connection is vital, it is inadvisable to buy somewhere that is without good reception. We’ve all struggled at some time over the past few months with connectivity and if your income depends on it then it is not something you can risk. 

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So, the opportunity is there and you want to buy, the next question is…

Can I buy in Spain now?

Perhaps it’s something you’ve just started looking into or perhaps buying a property in Spain has always been on your agenda.  Whatever your motivation there is no reason why you can’t proceed and purchase a property even during a lock down.  

For many years Ábaco has helped people to buy in Spain without being in the country. By using power of attorney the signing process can be handed over to a professional and the sale can take place. Paper work is easily transferable online and businesses, such as ourselves, have made their online transactions even safer and easier to complete

Perhaps what we have seen change most rapidly is that of the estate agents’ practice. Property prices are down and those who wish to take advantage of this are not yet in a position to view in person if they live out of the country. As a result online property searches have become far more efficient

In many cases you can check out a property online in some detail and see 3D plans and experience virtual visits. You can even experiment online with different decorating options and furniture swaps. Of course, the majority of people will want to visit the property in person at least once before buying. 

The good news for those who can currently access Spain, is that estate agents have been able to show you round since phase 1 – albeit following strict safety measures. Most of these are what you would expect – wearing masks, use of hand gel etc. Homes must be ventilated between visits and disinfected but these measures will not obstruct your viewing. 

For a while it has been possible to check out the accessibility of the area that you are looking at digitally. Google maps and other tools can help you familiarise yourself with the surroundings of any property you have your eye on. The energy efficiency rating of properties can be accessed online and your legal representative will be able to check out the legality of the property and that there are no outstanding debts. 

House prices in Spain are down, the opportunities for home working are up and the procedures for purchasing are there. So, what’s stopping you from moving to Spain after the coronavirus?  

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Help moving to Spain after the coronavirus

We would just like to remind you that if you have any queries about the process of moving to Spain, about the process of buying a house there, or about the taxes you will need to pay there, you can fill out this form and our team of legal and tax experts will offer you a free consultation.

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