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Ábaco news reel for April

Last updated on September 13th, 2019 at 09:10 am.

Taking estate agents to task over the EPC

There has been a lot of confusion around the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and what exactly is expected from house sellers and estate agents. Numerous warnings were given about how the Spanish government was going to ensure that this legislation was in place. It had all gone quiet…until now.

We have recently heard that action is being taken against those estate agents that are not complying with the new EPC law correctly. It has been reported that five estate agents in Navarra are to be prosecuted for advertising homes without showing the EPC rating.

The estate agent is required to show at least the performance certificate grading (A – G) and emissions amounts in their windows, on their websites and on portals where they might be advertising the property for sale or for rent.

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New law to tighten up on home improvements

It has been rumoured for a while but it now looks as though the LOTUP law (ley ordenación del territorio, urbanismo y paisaje) is to be passed in the next few months. It used to be that if you had refurbished your home in Spain without permission more than four years previously there would be some clemency. After four years, if you hadn’t been spotted already, the town hall was unlikely to take action.

Now this four year period has been extended to 15 years. It means that if you thought you were exempt and your extension/ conservatory/ swimming pool was safe it’s time to think again, especially if you were intending to sell your property.

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Still time to find out about your Resident tax declaration

It’s the end of the Ábaco roadshow in the Costa Blanca Region. Our tour dates have been:

*       Algorfa – 14th March

*       Orihuela Costa – 21st March

*       Mazarrón – 27th March

*       Fortuna – 8th April

At these different locations we have been explaining to residents and non-residents about tax and inheritance in Spain as well as helping resident pensioners to register for Imserso, subsidised Spanish holidays. It’s been a busy but enjoyable few weeks, where we have had chance to answer your questions and get to meet more of you.

In the meantime, if you couldn’t make one of our events but have questions about tax or inheritance please contact Jane at 96 679 3748. A reminder – it is coming up to the deadline for resident tax declarations on the 30th June, Jane and other colleagues will be happy to help you with this too.

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Child poverty

Serious concerns are being raised about child poverty in Spain. The charity Save the Children is urging Spain to do more for deprived children where, it claims, one in three children are at risk of living in poverty.

The charity has launched a petition which calls for:

*       child benefit payments to be made to all families living below the poverty line

*       an increase in the amount paid

*       a move to monthly instead of twice yearly payments

Currently a family with one child who have an income of below 959.93 euros receive child benefit of 291 euros.

If you would like to add your signature to the online petition, you can sign here.

It is in Spanish but is very simple to do. If you’ve ever filled in a form in Spanish then you shouldn’t have a problem with this one.

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