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Abaco service in seven languages

Last updated on September 13th, 2019 at 09:11 am.

Being able to communicate well is very important, no matter what your job. However, if you work in an international organization like Ábaco Advisers it’s not only important to communicate in your native language but in other languages too.

We’re quite a multi-lingual lot! Between us we speak seven different languages including Spanish, English, Swedish, French, German, Dutch and Russian.

This is particularly important for our clients who appreciate being able to speak to a native language speaker, particularly when we are dealing with such important matters on their behalf.

At the moment the Russian market is strong so if purchasers from Russia are interested in buying your property do not hesitate to contact us with their details or hand them one of our cards. Our native Russian members of staff have  built up a strong reputation helping Russians purchase property in Spain.

It’s not just understanding the language that’s important. Being aware of differences in culture and differences in the legal and fiscal requirements of each country is vital too. Our knowledge helps us ensure that lines of communication stay open and the proper procedures are followed.

Purchasers are difficult enough to come across in the current economic climate so do not limit your market by ruling out buyers of other nationalities. You can introduce them to Ábaco Advisers and our professional, multilingual team will do our best to ensure everything goes smoothly.

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