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The variety of landscape in Spain as you travel from one region to another never fails to amaze me. From the greenery of the north to the deserts of the south, you’ve got every shade in between. The southern province of Almería is certainly inspiring with its landscape of mountains, semi-desert areas and spectacular coastline.There is much to see in the region but here I’m focusing on three key towns.


Vera can boast the highest number of sunny days in the whole of Europe and has many ‘blue-flag’ beaches on which you can enjoy them. It’s a vibrant and friendly town that’s rich in culture and local crafts. There are plenty of interesting buildings and sites to see if you feel moved to be ‘the tourist’. These include the Church of the Encarnation, the Royal Hospital of San Agustín and the Convent of Victoria – all adding to the charm of this historic little town. There’s even a museum dedicated to bull-fighting which is worth a visit.   


Garrucha is a Mediterranean fishing town with a fabulous promenade. From here you have a wonderful open view of sea and sand and the walk is flagged by white marble balustrades. If you like your fish you should visit the ‘Lonja’ or fish auction. Don’t just stop at seeing the raw material, try eating some too. Garrucha prawns and El Gallo Pedro are both local fish specialities.


This is a ‘pueblo blanco’ or white village of Arabian architecture situated in the foot hills of the Sierra Cabrero. It’s a mix of terraces, winding stone steps, shady unexpected corners and narrow side streets. Mojácar is blessed with some idyllic beaches but also caters well for the tourist having a selection of hotels, bars, restaurants and golf courses.

If you do visit, look out for the Indalo Man. He’s the symbol of Mojacar and is supposed to ward off evil spirits, bad luck and ferocious storms with his joyful expression. 

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