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Donating to help those in poverty in Spain

Last updated on March 19th, 2020 at 03:18 pm.

The Spanish economic crisis is starting to cut deep. Families who have managed to come together and cope for months are beginning to find that they have used up the few reserves that they had. Spanish society has rallied well and families, predominantly parents and grandparents, have supported those out of work to date.

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However, we are increasingly seeing that this admirable support mechanism has its limits too. More and more individuals and their families are approaching social services for help. Fortunately there are those out there who are willing and able to meet some of the need.

For example, in Torrevieja, volunteers are helping to run an industrial kitchen which is producing an average of 300 meals a day for those struggling to buy food. ‘Alimentos solidarios’ is a collaborative venture which is working alongside social services targeting the neediest families.

The food comes from donations from local supermarkets as well as societies, fundraising and even individuals. Those wishing to help can donate tins of food, pulses and other items or can contribute with cash. Every day additional meat and fresh produce has to be bought in order to provide the much-needed food.

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Rather than requiring people to eat on the premises, it is a take-away service. However, families who do not take up their entitlement for two days lose their place in the list. Everyone would rather that these services weren’t needed. As they are, we feel sure that residents of all nationalities will want to assist in any way they can.

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