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Home improvement in Spain

Last updated on October 28th, 2019 at 04:44 pm.

It can be a good alternative if you just need more room or some additional facilities. A Spanish property extension can be a good option if there is a new member of the family or the visitors are getting under your feet. In some of the urbanisations local to our offices it can be difficult to spot the house that hasn’t had something ‘done’ to it.

But have all these houses got the necessary permission? Probably not. Many people are unaware that there are legal implications of making changes to your property, even quite small ones. If you do want to build up, out or over you will need a Spanish building licence either for major or minor work. This permission needs to  be obtained from your town hall. If it is a major work such as an extension then you will also need an architect’s drawings.

If you live in a community you need to have permission from the community of owners. And if you don’t? Even if your home improvement isn’t spotted and goes unnoticed for years it can cause you problems in the end. When it comes to selling your property or it is left to an inheritor, the specifications on the Title Deed will not relate to the building if you have made a significant change. This means that you have to address this before the property can be inherited or the purchase can be completed.

You can apply for retrospective planning permission but it is not guaranteed that you will receive this and if you don’t the property will have to be demolished. Not the best end to your best laid plans for improvement.

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