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Last updated on September 13th, 2019 at 09:11 am.

Just because you live in Spain does not mean that you don’t need a holiday! That’s one of the reasons why the Spanish Imserso holiday programme has been so successful. Imserso is subsidised by the Spanish Government and enables resident pensioners in Spain to access affordable holidays on the mainland, in the Balearics and Canary islands.

Ábaco have helped lots of their clients and non-clients to complete the registration form and have an enjoyable holiday. But we want to help more. We came to realise that many residents of different nationalities were not even aware that the holiday programme existed. Those that were aware, often didn’t know how to access it. So we decided to spread the good news.

Our ‘Lifes A Beach’ open days were a tremendous success. We advertised the days in the local Costa Blanca free papers and invited interested participants to come and find out more about how to apply. Held in a local restaurant, we combined handing out information and completing registration forms with the chance to relax and enjoy some traditional paella and other refreshments.

The two open days saw over 600 people attending altogether. Some of these people had already applied, others had heard from friends and some knew nothing about it. By the end of the day many more were registered or had the intention to in the very near future.

Life’s not always a beach, even when you live near one and we can’t hold these events every year. However, we can help people apply and take advantage of discounted holiday accommodation along some of Spain’s beautiful coastline and in its scenic and cultural centres. So if you are interested and want to know more… get in touch!

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