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Spanish habitation certificate

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Resale property in Spain, second occupancy or ‘used’. Whatever, you want to call it, buying an existing, older property has overtaken off-plan and new build purchase in popularity. There are advantages to buying resale properties that have increasingly come into their own.

To begin with, you generally know what you’re getting for your money. You can view the Spanish resale property, and not just ‘virtually’. You can see who the neighbours are and what the view is like. If there are cracks, chances are that they are already showing. For those who like to know what they’re buying, resale is a must.

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There are some very good deals to be had at the moment and you really do have the pick of the bunch. This doesn’t necessarily mean buying a property that’s just been done up for the sale. For some people buying a slightly run down (or even very run down) house is an ideal opportunity to practise their DIY skills and custom refit their property to their own design.

But, there are some cautionary notes that come with resale. A new property is issued with the cédula de habitabilidad or certificate of habitation .This is the certificate that means that the property complies with the town hall’s habitation requirements. Resale homes should also have one of these.The certificate of habitation is an important document for purchasers of a resale property to make sure they have. It is the responsibility of the seller to pass on a current cédula de habitabilidad to the purchaser. The cédula de habitabilidad is valid for ten years, after this period it will need to be renewed in case of sale.

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Of course, if you put your trust in someone like Ábaco, then they will help you obtain what you need and provide advice according to your individual circumstances. Letting someone else make sure that the paper work is in order, frees you to concentrate on making your new, old home your own.

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Suzanne O'Connell

5 February, 2018 9:01 pm

Hi Sara

Hi Sara

The requirements depend on where the property is located, if you'd like more details please contact our legal department at email address