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Spanish inheritance made easy

Last updated on March 19th, 2020 at 03:19 pm.

In a way, this title is a contradiction. In some respects the Spanish inheritance process can never be made easy. The difficulties around losing someone you love or care about are much more than any inheritance service can even begin to solve. At Ábaco we do understand this. We also understand how difficult it can be when there isn’t only property to sort out but that property is located in a foreign country.

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Over the years, Ábaco have listened to the stories of many inheritors of Spanish property. We understand what their worries are. The whole Spanish inheritance process can be a complete mystery and inheritors come to us not knowing what they should do next. Should they try selling the property? Should they contact the bank? Who will give them good advice and how much will it all cost?

These are just a few of the recurring questions that crop up regularly. They are not new to us but in each case, this is a new, frightening and unwanted experience for the family. That’s where the idea for our new free consultation service came from.

What do I do next?

This is often the first question that people ask us. Inheritors of Spanish property are often non-residents who have a limited understanding of inheritance procedure in Spain. They might find it difficult to travel out to Spain at short notice yet be aware of the time limits in sorting matters out.

Our free consultation service is designed to help. You have opportunity to discuss your circumstances either in person, on the phone or over the internet with a Spanish inheritance specialist. Your advisor will speak your native language, understand your predicament and you can be assured of clear, concise and sympathetic guidance.

How much will it all cost?

Inheritors are often anxious about what they can expect the cost of the inheritance process to be. Spanish Inheritance tax is still alive and kicking and, depending upon your relationship to the deceased and whether you are resident or non-resident, this can vary substantially.

Our free consultation includes a calculation of Spanish inheritance tax costs and a total cost estimate of the inheritance process. We can even provide ways of paying in instalments if finance is an issue.

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And if it’s all been just a little too much to take in all at the same time we provide you with an information folder that includes a study of your inheritance. You can take this away and share your consultation with the rest of the family before making any decisions.

We have no solutions for the emotional upset of bereavement but at least we can provide a service you can trust, in a language you understand and show you a way forward.

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