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Spanish roundabouts

Last updated on September 13th, 2019 at 09:11 am.

For many people used to driving in other countries, the rules and regulations that surround them are a complete mystery. You can feel for years that every time you approach a roundabout in Spain you take your life in your hands.

What confuses most people is the way in which some cars (not all, but that’s another problem) seem to drive all the way around Spanish roundabouts in the outside lane. Unfortunately this causes some of those who don’t, consternation as they try to make their exit only to find it’s blocked by a car happily ambling its way around on the outside.

 In fact, a little more time researching the issue and it’s quite straight forward. The Spanish equivalent of the Highway Code certainly makes it sound that way:

“When there is more than one lane on a roundabout, you will normally travel around the roundabout in the right hand lane – the outside of the roundabout.”

The inside lane is only for overtaking. So if you are in the inside lane and want to exit?

“Under no circumstances should a driver cut the source of other vehicles using the roundabout in order to exit from it.” 

Instead you should continue travelling around the roundabout until you are able to exit safely. So, you may feel vulnerable travelling all the way around the roundabout in the outside lane but you are, in fact, doing it right. The trouble is that not everyone is aware of this rule and that’s where the system falls down.

Those coming from other countries where the rule is different and who haven’t done their research can put themselves and others in danger. It’s not much of a consolation, but at least you will have the law and the insurance company on your side.   

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