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The cost of buying property in Spain: The complete guide


It is important from the outset that you are clear about what your budget should be for buying a property in Spain. Of course, it’s not just the cost of the property itself. There are a number of legal and tax obligations that you must meet to ensure that your purchase is problem free in […]

House prices in Spain after coronavirus


How will house prices in Spain be affected? At the moment it may not be at the top of your agenda. The extent of the pandemic has taken most of us by surprise. However, we are now seeing a glimmer of hope in the newsreels. Some countries are looking towards relaxing their measures and after […]

Rural property in Spain: Weighing up your options


If you’re considering buying a Spanish holiday home, you’re likely to be thinking about whether you should buy urban or rural property in Spain. However, there is no straightforward answer to this question. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and which location you choose is down to personal taste. Considering […]

Spain enjoys record house sales and prices

Between April and June 2018, 134,196 properties have been sold which is 12.4% up on the previous year. This figure is the highest recorded since the same period in 2008 when 152,630 sales were registered in Spain. This renewed interest in purchasing houses is not expected to stop any time soon. The forecast is that […]

5 advantages of investing along the Spanish coast

Alicante, Malaga and Valencia are some of the most popular areas for foreigners to buy in for investment purposes. The popularity of purchasing property in Spain continues in spite of some of the political and financial issues that have hit the countries where purchasers typically originate from. Why? In a recent article in the Spanish […]

Some good advice on buying and selling

You might have made the decision to buy or sell your property but where do you begin? Whether you are a seasoned Spanish property owner or just setting out, it can be confusing with many people competing for your attention and your money. In this article we explain how we can help. Solicitors, estate agents […]

A lucky break and the perfect property

Buying a holiday home in Spain when you retire continues to be a popular option. For Claire a little luck helped her secure the perfect spot to enjoy her free time.   When Claire retired, buying a property in Spain as a holiday home was on her list of things to do. She was already […]

We like it so much we’re buying again

When Paul and Donna Mclaren bought their first property in Spain they didn’t realise just how much they would fall in love with Gran Alacant. Now, thirteen years later they’re on the move…down the road.  Paul and Donna bought their first Spanish property in 2003. ‘We’d looked around,’ explains Paul, ‘but we just loved it in […]

What exactly is the AIPP?

Ábaco is a member of AIPP. In this article we explain a little  more about this organisation and why membership can provide added assurance surrounding the services we offer. When buying a house in Spain you want to be sure that you are given the correct advice and support. You want the estate agents and […]

10 tips for buying a house in Spain

You don’t need to be a legal expert to find your way round the buying procedure in Spain, but it is useful to have a few handy hints to follow. Handbooks and legal advice can be full of the official information but good tips for buying a house in Spain can make all the difference. […]

Location matters. Buying in Orihuela Costa.

When Magnus came to Orihuela Costa on his mission to find a property in Spain he thought he had plenty of choices lined up. ‘We had been searching on the internet,’ says Magnus, ‘and we’d found a real estate agent too. But when we came to look at the properties we weren’t very keen on […]

Cost of buying a house in Spain

One of the first questions we ask of those considering buying a house in Spain, is ‘What’s your budget?’ Knowing what your budget is, is crucial if you are going to make the right purchase for you. What many people do is forget to include buying costs within their calculations. Either that or they totally […]

Buying Safely in Spain

Perhaps one of the main concerns of potential buyers of property in Spain is – is it safe? In this article we look at the measures you should take to make sure that it is. It’s your dream to own a property in Spain. Perhaps as a holiday home or maybe even as your main […]

A dream come true in Torrevieja

When Jörgen and Sari Johansson got married in Torrevieja they never guessed that they would end up buying an apartment here too. They share their story of becoming non-resident property owners in Aguas Nuevas. Jörgen and Sari are from Sweden, but that’s not where they wanted to get married. ‘We wanted to go somewhere different […]

When should I set up a bank account in Spain?

This is a question that we have been asked quite frequently recently. It’s a busy time for buying in Spain and those who do have their sights set on having their own property here want to do it right. It seems logical that setting up your own bank account should be the first step in […]

Ten steps to buying a house in Spain

The process of buying a house in any country can be complicated and confusing. When you are purchasing a property abroad, it’s even more so. How long will it take? Who should be involved? What can you do to ensure that you buy safely? There have been mistakes made in the past and there have […]

Putting in an offer

OK. You’ve found your ideal Spanish home. The price is pretty reasonable but we all know it’s a buyers’ market at the moment. So what should you do if you really want to buy that property in Spain? It can be a little confusing when you want to buy a property in another country. What […]

Buying property in Spain for residency

People buy property in Spain for many different reasons. Often they begin by buying an apartment or smaller property as a holiday home. Then, perhaps as the time draws near to retirement, they begin to consider what it might be like to take it one step further and live in Spain as a resident. If […]

Advice on buying property in Spain


You may be wanting to buy property in different parts of Spain, for different reasons and with different specifications. The advice on buying property in Spain that people are looking for raises some very familiar issues. We’ve compiled our list of your most frequently asked questions, along with our response. Is it safe to buy? […]

Is it a good time to buy property in Spain?

Let’s look at the evidence. Spanish house prices have reduced dramatically and the value of the euro to the pound has dropped significantly too. We’re seeing a reduction in fuel prices, impacting on the cost of air fairs and more and more tourists choosing Spain as their holiday destination. Even the cost of borrowing is […]

The 10 pitfalls of buying property in Spain

We don’t usually write negative articles about buying property in Spain. After all, a major part of our business is conveyancing – we would like you to buy! However, we want you to buy safely and as such this article outlines the 10 pitfalls of buying property in Spain. The 10 pitfalls of buying property […]

Guide to buying property in Spain

You’ve found your property, you’ve checked it’s the right one for you and now it’s all systems go. So what happens next? We can sometimes assume that the purchasing process in one country is the same as you will encounter elsewhere. However, this is not necessarily the case and that’s why you need a guide […]

Buying a house in Spain

You have made the decision that you want to buy a house in Spain. You are not on your own. Many people, living all over the world, make this decision every year. In fact, the number of foreigners buying in Spain has gradually been increasing as a percentage of the total number bought. British buyers […]

How to buy property in Spain

One of the main concerns that people have when buying property in Spain is ‘how can we make sure that this Spanish property is problem-free?’. Of course, this anxiety isn’t exclusive to Spain. Buying a house is a very big commitment and no matter how carefully you check and where you buy, there can still […]

Purchasing Spanish property in the name of a company

Inheritance tax for non-residents has traditionally been much higher in Spain than for residents.  This has been drawn to the attention of the European courts and Spain has been told to change its practices. No doubt, in due course they will. In the meantime inheritance tax legislation in Spain remains the same and people continue […]