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The community of owners in Spain

There are countless urbanisations each hosting their own community of property owners (Comunidad de Proprietarios) throughout Spain.  On the whole they can be beneficial organisations. The intention is that through the annual general meeting decisions are made relating to the community and its upkeep. Common elements, such as swimming pools, stair wells, garden areas and […]

Community of owners in Spain – checking up on payments

How are you at book-keeping? People might fall into three book-keeping categories following a request for an invoice: Category 1 answer:  ‘Here is the invoice for the 31st December 2010’ Category 2 answer:  ‘I had an invoice somewhere for that’ Category 3 answer:  ‘What’s an invoice?’ Some people are just better organisers than others. Hopefully […]

Extensions: closing in a balcony or terrace in Spain

Property dimensions If you own a property in Spain you will possess a Purchase Title Deed. On this deed you will find a description of the property that includes the square metres of construction and of usable floor space. When it comes to balconies and terraces this is slightly different with only 50% of the […]