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Taking care of your health in Spain

Spain has a reputation for having one of the best national health services in Europe. How can you make sure you can access it if you come to live here? Caroline Clinton explains what the options are. For those people considering coming to live in Spain permanently, how to access the health care in Spain is […]

Prescription charges in Spain

 Whether you are on holiday or living in Spain, chances are that at some time you will need to pay a visit to the Spanish chemist or ‘farmacia’. The chemist in Spain is usually extremely good and in most outlets at least one member of staff will speak English. They give advice and hand out […]

Health care entitlement in Spain

Ensuring you have access to health care in Spain is at the top of every Spanish property owner’s agenda. We are aware that there is a lot of confusion around entitlements and what Spanish health care you can access with which card. There are three main public health cards in Spain that you might have […]

Hospitals in Spain

Experiences will always differ. However, by and large, the health care in Spain is good. The Spanish hospitals are clean, the service efficient and the investigations into whatever your ailment is, are thorough. However, there are differences in the approach taken here that are worthwhile you being aware of.  To begin with, it will be […]