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The Energy Performance Certificate in Spain

Energy Performance Certificate in Spain

We all know how important it is for our own pockets and the environment, to be energy savvy. The energy performance certificate in Spain is one way in which you can check that a property you are buying, or selling, is energy efficient. In this article we explain what it is, how to get one […]

Estate agent regulations: What are they?

Regulations for Estate Agents

¿There are any estate agent regulations? Until recently, there was no official regulation required for estate agents in Spain. Now this is changing in some regions. In this article we explain what the new expectations will be, how your local agent will be held accountable and what this means for buyers and sellers. Estate agents […]

The best places to live in Spain for families

best places to live in Spain for families

Many people choose to live in Spain when they retire. However, increasingly families are aspiring to move to the sun and enjoy the very special style of family life you can experience here. It’s not without its hurdles but for those who have made it successfully there can be no turning back. In this article […]

Why not retire to Spain?

retire to spain

It’s a time that people look forward to. The time when they no longer have to jump to the alarm and can wake up at their leisure and set the agenda for the day. But what if you want more from your retirement?  The answer could be to retire to Spain. Retirement may be much […]

Where are the cheapest regions in Spain?

cheapest region in spain

Last updated on April 19th, 2023 at 02:57 pm. Everyone likes a bargain and it’s true to say that Spanish property is well-priced in comparison with many other countries. However, there are big differences when it comes to different areas. In this article we look to different areas of the country to find the cheapest […]

Your guide to becoming an expat in Spain

becoming an expat in spain

Last updated on April 19th, 2023 at 02:57 pm. Are you thinking of becoming an expat in Spain? You might be on the verge of retirement and wanting a fresh start somewhere warm and sunny. Perhaps you are a remote worker who would enjoy the Spanish lifestyle of outdoor living and fiestas. Spain has many […]

Living in Spain as a foreigner: What is it like?

Living in Spain as a foreigner

Perhaps you’ve always planned to retire to Spain or maybe it’s crept up on you after years of visiting on holiday. The desire to live in another country is something that many people experience, but, what is it actually like to live in Spain as a foreigner and is it right for you?    If […]

Completing the adventure – getting married in Spain

Wedding - Ábaco

It’s always good to know that you’ve helped people achieve their dreams. At Ábaco we are lucky to often have the opportunity to provide the legal knowledge and assistance to do just that. Usually this is when it comes to assisting people in buying their Spanish home. But on 25th February we were delighted to […]

Donate in Spain now and reduce tax

Donate in Spain

There are inheritance and donation tax changes on the horizon that could mean that some of the benefits that people are currently enjoying might disappear or at least be reduced. What action can you take to preserve your assets for those you love? As you may know, the different regions of Spain have relative autonomy […]

Legal advice in Spain, let the professionals help you

Let the professionals help you

Changing ownership of property in Spain is an important process that must be done correctly. Make sure to have legal advice in Spain, our professional lawyers and legal experts are here to help you. There are a number of reasons why you might want to transfer the ownership of a property into someone else’s name. […]

Protect your property from squatters in Spain

Protect your property from squatters in Spain

If you own a property in Spain but are not a resident here, then the prospect of squatters may be a worry. The okupa movement has gained ground here and there are stories of people moving into unoccupied properties. So, how can you protect your property from squatters in Spain and what can you do […]