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A new urban law that affects rustic properties

Did you know that even minor home improvements and refurbishments need planning permission in Spain? The town hall must give a licence for work to go ahead or you risk a hefty financial penalty. In this article we explain about building licences and what you can do if they’re missing. You need permission whether it’s […]

Some positive property news in Spain

In the current environment it is pleasing to see some rather more positive statistics emerging for Spanish property owners. The current sales figures for Spanish property reported in The Land Registry* (el registro de propriedades) are promising and suggest a healthy interest from foreigners in buying a place in Spain. Spanish property trends bring the […]

Two registers to record your Spanish property


There are two Spanish property registers. This can be confusing for people used to a different system in their own country. What is even more confusing is that each register contains a different type of information about the property. The Catastro The Catastro register includes the official valuation of the property or the valor catastral. The valor […]

Extensions: closing in a balcony or terrace in Spain

Property dimensions If you own a property in Spain you will possess a Purchase Title Deed. On this deed you will find a description of the property that includes the square metres of construction and of usable floor space. When it comes to balconies and terraces this is slightly different with only 50% of the […]