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A mini guide to official translations in Spain – guest article

Ever wondered what an official translation is? Can just anybody produce official translations? In David Ruiz’s mini guide he includes his advice for hiring an official translator. An official translation is an accurate and legal translation of a document completed by an official translator. Official translations can be requested for many purposes and legal procedures. […]

The power of attorney makes it easier to buy Spanish property

Once you have found the property you’d like to buy in Spain, you want it to proceed as quickly as possible. The buying process requires a number of signatures and appearances at the Spanish notary. Depending on where you are living, this can present problems and if you are a non-resident it can be particularly […]

Validation of legal documents

A Power of Attorney in Spain, called a ‘Poder Notarial’ in Spanish, is a document by which you name a trusted person to represent you in certain transactions. For example, you might have someone to represent you to enable: purchase of a property sale of a property distribution of inheritance obtaining a Spanish NIE number). […]