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What’s happening to electricity prices?

If you own a property in Spain chances are that your recent electricity bills have given you cause to draw breath. The majority of householders have noticed a steep rise in Spanish electricity prices over the past few years. It isn’t just a case of poorly insulated homes or wasteful home owners. Spain’s electricity bills […]

What to do if your electricity is cut off in Spain

We rely so much on our services that when they are cut off it comes as something of a shock. If you lose your electricity in Spain, in particular, you suddenly realise just how much you rely on it. There’s no television, internet, phone line. You can’t boil the kettle or put on the fan. […]

Prepare for higher Spanish electricity bills

When asked about the cost of living in Spain, most people will reply that in most respects it is cheaper than they are used to in their home country. The cost of food, drinks, even taxes, can be significantly lower. However, one cost that seems to have escalated in recent years is the cost of […]

High Spanish water bills

Burst water pipes  are a winter-hazard in northern Europe.  But surely we shouldn’t be troubled with the prospect of burst pipes in the heat and humidity of Spain?  Don’t be too sure. This is an example of how water leaks can take the unsuspecting by surprise, even in Spain. You do assume that if there […]