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What is happening with holiday lets in the Valencian community?

Last updated on October 28th, 2019 at 05:01 pm.

What are the renting laws in the Valencian region? Must you or must you not register your property for letting purposes here? It would seem to be a straight forward question but a straightforward answer could quite easily evade you.

The original rental law was the regulation of tourist homes (Viviendas Turisticas)  in 2009. It referred to properties that were furnished and ready for use as a rental property and that were marketed as such through a formal advertising route such as that used by a rental agent.

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When you must register

It isn’t the type of property that you rent out that makes the difference as to whether it needs to be registered or not. It doesn’t depend upon size, number of bedrooms or any other feature. It is the purpose to which you put your property and the type of intermediary that you use that makes the difference.

As the law stands at the moment, you must register your property if you have one that you rent out habitually for tourism, holiday or leisure purposes and:

  • It is managed by an official agent
  • It offers similar services to that of the hotel industry e.g. change of linen, laundry and cleaning
  • You make use of marketing outlets such as the internet, websites or other method

If you have more than four properties that you rent out you must register them irrespective of these conditions. If none of these conditions apply then you don’t have to register your property unless you specifically want to.

If you are exempt and you do advertise your property then you will need to make it clear in your advert that it is not registered.

If you need to register

If you do need to register then you should apply to the Servicio Territorial de Turismo of the province where the property is located including details such as the address and capacity. You will receive an inscription number which you must then display in any advertising that you do.

There is currently an amendment that is being prepared that is likely to be passed in March and means that the exception will disappear. Rental law will be tighter still and may well require everyone who rents out property in the Valencian community to register,  irrespective of how it is advertised, managed or the number of premises you let.

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Our advice

This is very much a hot potato at the moment. If you do rent out your property then it is worth considering registering it anyway to cover yourself as the law seems about to change yet again.

It would do no harm to pre-empt the requirements and ensure that your property is officially recognised in good time.

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