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What kind of expat are you?

Last updated on September 13th, 2019 at 09:10 am.

We are all unique, of course. The reasons why people emigrate to another country are various and can be complicated to unravel. What were the strongest pulls to move to Spain for you? Was it the weather, the lifestyle, the culture? Was it the need to do something different with your third age years?

Most of us are suckers for quizzes that claim to reveal our hidden and true personalities. So we have invented one of our own. It is based upon The Local’s ‘What kind of Spain expat are you?’ .

If you want to have a sneak preview of some of the categories we are using you could take a look now. Alternatively, try our quiz and then go to the link to decide whether we’ve got it right or not.

Here goes

On your last day before moving out to Spain did you?

  1. take time for a little meditation and to find your inner self
  2. check your wardrobe to make sure you’ve got the latest styles and you’re ready for the weather without being too ‘expat’
  3. read your Spanish phrase book and listen to your Rosetta Stone CD
  4. have your last sunbed – soon you’ll be able to be out there every day topping up your tan
  5. pack your running shoes and check your insurance
  6. not have to do anything – after all they’ve got everything British over there

Your ideal day in Spain consists of:

  1. dropping in at the local writer’s group before sampling your home-made goat’s cheese   
  2. driving round the coast in your convertible, stopping off for an afternoon cocktail (non-alcoholic of course)
  3. two hours of Spanish conversation followed by a Flamenco class and more chat in the tapas bar
  4. sunbathing, after all it is 20 degrees – a summer day in Blighty
  5. a warm-up triathlon followed by a massage – you mustn’t over do it before the marathon tomorrow
  6. Bernie’s all-day breakfast, all day.

Your advice to other expats is:

  1. Be yourself, Spain isn’t for everyone but there is room here for all types.
  2. Bring plenty of money. It might have a reputation for being cheap but when you’re mixing with the jet set, you can soon stumble into cash flow problems
  3. Learn the language and never hire a British builder
  4. Remember to moisturise. So much sunbathing is a dream but it can take its toll on your skin
  5. Don’t overdo it when you first get here. There might be many mountains to climb but they’re not going anywhere.
  6. Bernie’s do the best bacon (none of that stringy stuff) but Lil’s sausages are to die for

Would anything tempt you back to the UK?

  1. When you’re taking each day as it comes, who knows what might happen tomorrow
  2. When the money runs out you might need to drop back in at the in-laws for a little top-up loan  
  3. What country is that again?
  4. Just how much difference might global warming make to the UK?
  5. You might just pay a visit on your round-the-world trip
  6. What? Never! You’ve obviously not tried Bernie’s authentic apple pie.

Mostly ‘a’s

You’re the wannabe hippy expat. You never managed the year out in a Kibbutz, or perhaps you did and want to repeat the experience somewhere close to home. Either way you yearn to leave the shackles of everyday traffic jams behind, opt for the simple life and make your own smoothies.

Mostly ‘b’s

You want to be seen in the trendiest places and with the ‘in crowd’ and where better to live then some of the hip places in Spain. Barcelona might be your preferred option but anywhere where the young and lively meet will do. Marbs is another alternative, if you can stretch the budget to join in with the jet set.

Mostly ‘c’s

You are such a Spain aficionado! You love everything Spanish and want to be immersed in its culture. You’ve chosen a typically Spanish place to live and you can’t wait to cast off your English accent and plunge into the real mysteries of Spain uncovered.

Mostly ‘d’s

It’s sun, sun, sun all the way. That big yellow ball in the sky is your priority. Every day you have organised your sunbathing spot and woe betide if there is a drop of rain. Not to worry that there are a few ‘chilly’ months. You’ve found your suntraps and with a few windbreakers and carefully positioned sun loungers, it’s amazing what can be achieved.

Mostly ‘e’s

Wow! You are impressive. It’s bikes and not bars for you. Running up mountains, abseiling down them, there isn’t a sport you haven’t tried and Spain is just the place to take your love for adrenaline to a new high.

Mostly ‘f’s

Spain? Is that where we are? The actual location of your migration was pretty immaterial. You just wanted to be away from the UK. Now that you’re here you’re quite at home with your British breakfast, all-you-can-eat buffet and your grand cerveza.   

So which one are you? Of course, it’s just for fun and we’re not really suggesting that we have revealed your true personality. Or have we?


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