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You can’t beat Benidorm

Last updated on September 13th, 2019 at 09:11 am.

For as long as most people can remember, Benidorm has been a household name. Unfortunately its reputation isn’t always a desirable one. For many, this Costa Blanca seaside town is the epitomy of bad behaviour abroad, with a variety of nationalities throwing caution to the wind and ‘letting their hair down’. Whatever views you hold on the behaviour, the fact is that Benidorm offers many people just what they’re wanting –the time of their life.  

For decades, it has hosted stag and hen events and other special celebrations in a way that only Benidorm can. It offers people exactly what they want for a few days away; plenty of opportunity for sun and sangria, the sea and exuberant living. Other world-wide destinations may have attracted some brides and grooms in waiting, but nothing has maintained the attraction for single-sex groups for so long.

It’s loved by plenty of families too. For those with young children, set in their eating habits, who wants to struggle with toddler tantrums where there is only local food to eat? Much better to tuck into a subway, or pie and chips; if that’s what they want, Benidorm can provide it. It is unashamedly a tourist spot and provides everything the tourist can want. But it’s got other attractions too.

Take your eyes off the sky scrapers for a minute and let them hover around the port and old town. Like many seaside Spanish towns it has the miles of walk ways and open views of sandy beaches and the sea. There are cobbled streets and it hosts its own selection of traditional Spanish buildings and restaurants. It genuinely has got something for everyone. It is quite spectacular to sit in ‘Subway’ and munch on your sandwich whilst gazing out at the Mediterranean.

There are two main beaches. Playa de la Levante and Playa de la Poniente and both offer miles of golden sand and access to the warm waters of the Mediterranean. They are incredibly busy during the summer season, but earlier and later in the year they can be enjoyed in more relaxing style.

In spite of the bars, evidently attracting those looking for liquid refreshment, there are plenty of less frenzied eating establishments and you can get some very decent Spanish food here too. Boat trips out to Benidorm island take 10 minutes and provide excellent views of the coast and a break from the mainland rush. According to local myth, the island was scooped from the nearby mountains and cast into the sea through the actions of an angry and love-smitten giant.

Benidorm has its own set of major attractions. Terra Mítica sits nearby with the usual array of thrill rides and themed events. Aqualandia is a superb water park that is attractive to all nationalities. Set in the mountainous landscape surrounding Benidorm there are stunning views to admire, even when you don’t want to experience the water slides yourself. Benidorm Palace is a well-known venue for glamorous evening entertainment and attracts people from surrounding areas.

The town centre itself provides the usual selection of Spanish shops and has a pleasant market town feel and atmosphere. Whatever your taste, you really shouldn’t underestimate the power of Benidorm to please. It’s a real trouper. 

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