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Last updated on September 13th, 2019 at 09:11 am.

Difficulties with communication is a major issue for many foreigners in Spain. It is a wonderful country but you can feel confused by legislation, documentation and procedures. People often don’t know who to ask or trust. We know that. This is one reason why we are happy to travel out to clubs and societies to explain how things work in Spain.

We find that people are often more relaxed and willing to ask questions when they’re on their own home turf and so we have attended your events, meetings, dinners and celebrations to talk about the subjects that bother you most.

Our Imserso Spanish holiday presentations have always been particularly popular. We have a range of information that we can bring out to you and Caroline, our expert, explains how you can apply and how Ábaco can help you with this free of charge.

Not as enjoyable a subject but just as well-attended have been our presentations about inheritance in Spain. The rules around inheritors and inheritance tax are quite complicated and although we can’t give individual assessments during our presentations we can give enough general guidance to help you begin the process of making your inheritance go where you want it to.

The first presentations we began giving were on the subject of tax. Again, perhaps not the most riveting of subjects, but very necessary in these times of austerity. We have been able to clarify misunderstandings and point people in the right direction.

Although these have been the most popular presentations in the past, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions and are just waiting for an invitation from you.

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