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Apartments for sale in Torrevieja: Tips to find the best deals

Last updated on March 25th, 2020 at 06:06 pm.

Torrevieja is a small city on Spain’s Costa Blanca, in the province of Alicante. Originally built to produce salt which was then distributed around the world, the city is now a tourist centre. The city is very popular with people from all over Europe with Brits feeling particularly at home here. More British people live here than in any other part of Spain. It has become so amenable to them that paella in Yorkshire pudding can be found in some restaurants. Throughout this article, we take you through the best reasons to find apartments for sale in Torrevieja and how to go about it.

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The town does, of course, have plenty of fantastic amenities with great restaurants, bars, entertainment, history and culture. All of this makes looking for apartments for sale in Torrevieja an exciting and promising objective.

Why pick Torrevieja?

The city has excellent transport links and is easily accessible to two important international airports, Alicante-Elche (El Altet) and Murcia (Corvera). It is very close to the A7, a major highway running along the coast. This makes it a very attractive destination if you choose to live here yourself, and want to bring visitors. Alternatively, it also works well if you want to purchase property in Torrevieja to rent out as a holiday home.

One of Torrevieja’s most famous attractions is the large, pink lake Las Salinas. Nowadays you can see flamingos gracefully wading and feasting on the salty brine shrimp. The colour of the lake is striking and certain to be an attraction for any visitor. 

How to find an apartment in Torrevieja

The same advice you might find on buying any property in Spain applies for Torrevieja. There are many reputable estate agents that you can find just by walking the streets of the city. They all have a great variety of properties that are particularly appealing to foreigners. Sometimes the best way of finding apartments for sale in Torrevieja is by speaking to an estate agent. Then, you can look through their portfolio and get a sense of what is for sale and a general idea of prices.

Estate agents will be able to help you find any kind of apartment, this could be a new build, resale, distressed property or a bank repossession. Repossessed property in Spain is a particularly attractive option, as it means a buyer can often find a bargain. Furthermore, in a fairly stagnant housing market it makes sense to keep your initial investment low

What kinds of apartments are available?

Apartments range from top-end penthouse apartments on the seafront to more modest out-of-town offerings. But rest assured that wherever in Torrevieja you choose to settle, you are likely to get a good price. Over 50% of the apartments for sale in Torrevieja on, a prominent property listings site, are under €100,000. This means that if you are willing to spend a little more money, you can find a fantastic villa. This may also come with a swimming pool and other features for around €250,000. 

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A place in the sun just got a little more affordable

Torrevieja has a lot to offer, not least because of its very attractive property prices compared with the rest of Spain. Aside from the museums, restaurants and theatres the city has a wonderful cosmopolitan feel that brings many from all around the world. These are some of the reasons why you cannot go wrong thinking about apartments for sale in Torrevieja.

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I’m interested buying a property in Torrevieja. I have seen that there are many agencies offering houses in Torrevieja. For example this agency is offering nice apartments for sale in Torrevieja

It is gong to change the prices after the coronavirus?

Could you please recommend me more agencies?
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Oscar Paoli

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Hi Peter,
There are many different agencies, if you wish to get more names please contact us at
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