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Moving to Benidorm: How this tourist hub is changing its image

Many people have assumptions about what is arguably Spain’s most famous beach resort, Benidorm. When you mention the name of this enduringly popular destination, for lots of people, English bars, chips, sunburn and other ‘Brits abroad’ stereotypes spring to mind. There’s no denying that the Brits particularly love Benidorm, with 7 out of every 10 visitors returning to the Costa Blanca resort. However, what might be surprising is that Benidorm is rapidly shedding its tourist-trap reputation, with many more upmarket hotels and restaurants opening along the famed strip. This is drawing a new type of visitor, with many moving to Benidorm. 

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Benidorm’s new look

Recently, French thinker Philippe Duhamel suggested that Benidorm should be made a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the strip’s numerous fine examples of 20th-century high-rise architecture. This new appreciation of Benidorm’s modernity is bringing a new kind of holidaymaker to the resort. Attracted by new five-star hotels, luxurious golf clubs and excellent restaurants, these new visitors are transforming Benidorm’s reputation. The resort’s renaissance is piquing the reputation of many new investors, with lots of people looking into moving to Benidorm. With glamourous architecture, buzzing beach life, and some of the best paella in Valencia, why wouldn’t you want a slice of the new look Benidorm?

Buying in Benidorm

Subsequently, Benidorm has been experiencing somewhat of a real estate boom of late. Buyers are flocking from all over European to invest in property, whether it is a holiday let or a permanent home. As Benidorm’s luxe transforming gains traction, the property market is picking up fast – so if you’re thinking about moving to Benidorm, the time to act is now.

However, if you’re considering buying in Benidorm, it’s wise to seek all the help you can. A bilingual estate agent is a must; with someone that speaks both English and Spanish, you can ensure you’re fully equipped to negotiate. They’ll also be able to advise you on the cost of your investment. For instance, they can give you estimates on the cost of maintenance, taxes, and fees. 

It’s also essential to hire a lawyer if you’re investing in property in Spain. They’ll be able to help you navigate the unfamiliar Spanish legal system and property laws, including assisting with translations of important documents. They’ll also be able to help you make sure there are no outstanding taxes or debts on your property and any taxes you’ll have to pay in regard to your purchase.

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Moving to Benidorm and beyond

With a whole host of fashionable new restaurants, bars, golf courses and beach clubs, the face of Benidorm is changing. As a newfound appreciation for modern, 20th-century architecture pushes up the value of Benidorm homes and apartments, there’s never been a better time to invest. Furthermore, with so much in the immediate vicinity, there’s plenty to enjoy beyond the city. From Benidorm golf courses to diving on the Alicante coast, to stunning Costa Blanca walks, there’s so much to discover in the area.

If you’re thinking about buying in the Benidorm area, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Abaco Advisers has offices in Alicante and Torrevieja, so you can stop by our office when you begin your house hunt. To make an appointment without obligation, click here.

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