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Finding the perfect Alicante estate agents to sell your property

Last updated on June 3rd, 2020 at 07:21 pm.

When thinking about selling your property in Spain, it is highly probable that you will need assistance with publicising your property and with the finer points of the sale. This means that you will probably be looking for help from Alicante estate agents, instead of looking at the option to sell by yourself, independently. 

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A good estate agent has experience in their local market, and is usually the safest and most successful option for selling your home as quickly and smoothly as possible. However, there are many estate agents in Spain that are not the perfect fit. In this article Ábaco Advisers will explain the reasons why.

What to Alicante Estate Agents help you to stay alert for

There is no law in Spain that regulates estate agents. This is important because it means that not all Alicante or Costa Blanca estate agents are equal. Despite this lack of regulation, many decide to be part of associations that provide legitimacy. This therefore means peace of mind for sellers and buyers.

Agente de Propiedad Immobiliaria (AIP) or Expertos Inmobiliarios are good places to start looking for reputable estate agents. It is also beneficial to speak to your neighbours, as many people in Spain can recommend estate agents through word of mouth. Another good sign is the length of time your Alicante estate agents have been operating. It is a particularly good sign if they were in business before the recession.

Communication is key

One essential thing to look for when choosing an Alicante or Costa Blanca estate agent is whether they can speak your native language or not. Unless you are well versed in legal Spanish, having a good estate agent that can speak English, for example, to a high level is a key step in eliminating complications. 

Communication throughout the selling process is imperative. As a seller, you want to be aware of each step as the sale progresses. Having an estate agent that can communicate with you without any problem goes a long way towards this. 

Are the Alicante estate agents marketing your property correctly?

The estate agent must market your property in a way that attracts buyers, but also in line with the law. For instance, is the estate agent making sure that the property’s energy performance certificate is correct and on display? Having the services of an independent lawyer is an essential way of ensuring that the estate agent is getting important details right. 

Your estate agent should have done their research. You might want to check:

  • Do they know what your property is worth in comparison to other similar properties in the area? 
  • Do they have a proven record of selling homes similar to yours? 
  • Have the documents been drawn up correctly so as to enable a quick sale when the time comes around? 

The good news is that there are plenty of dependable, intelligent and English-speaking estate agents around, in Alicante. 

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Due diligence goes a long way

Selling your home in Spain is not easy. However, by following this good advice, the process will be far easier. By looking for a reputable Alicante estate agent with experience and expertise, who is professional and speaks your language, you can expect a much smoother sale. 

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