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Property Auctions in Spain – All you need to know

Last updated on June 5th, 2020 at 06:31 pm.

With the current sluggishness in the market, people are turning to property auctions in Spain as one means of moving their property more quickly. Equally, for those looking for a bargain they can guarantee that those placing their house for sale are keen to sell. Of course, reserve prices remain but you know you’re not going to spend weeks negotiating or not hearing at all.

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Property Auctions in Spain

Speaking to Spanish Property Auctions, the auction side to business is certainly gaining ground over the traditional estate agent. “It’s about bringing the seller and the buyer together in a way that’s different from the traditional agent’s role. Apart from that, much of what we do is just like the way that you would expect a good estate agent to take care of a client.”

Their role includes taking clients to view homes, giving them advice on legal matters, helping them find mortgages and pointing them in the right direction when they need it. So who would benefit from choosing an auction? “Really it tends to be people who have tried the traditional estate agent route and it hasn’t worked. They’re probably keen to return to sell-up and return home  and they are looking for an alternative.”

For the buyer the advantage of a property auctions in Spain is the bargain properties on sale. And there are plenty of safeguards too. You can arrange to inspect the documents for a possible purchase prior to attending the auction. So there shouldn’t be any unpleasant surprises. All purchasers are advised to have a full survey done on the property and if there are major problems that haven’t been disclosed then the 3,000€ deposit is fully refundable.

“We always advise clients to have legal representation and not to try and do things on their own.” 

The auction alternative

Before the auction…

  • you can view the property in just the same way as you would normally
  • you can appoint a legal expert to help you through the process
  • you can check documents relating to the property 7 to 10 days prior to the auction
  • all properties have a reserve price – this isn’t disclosed to potential buyers
  • you can have a survey done on the property
  • You can make a bid on a property before the auction if you like
  • any debts that might be accrued against the property are cleared prior to auction

At the auction…

  • you need to bring identification with you to the auction house including NIE and passport
  • someone can bid for you at the auction by proxy
  • the auctioneer will advise you on how to place your bids
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After the auction…

  • you are asked to sign a reservation contract and pay a 3,000€ deposit
  • the deposit is refundable if a survey shows there are undisclosed defects which could invalidate a mortgage
  • once the auction is over you can still make a bid if the property didn’t sell.
  • completion on the property is between 30 and 40 days after  the auction takes place
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Periss Akrawi

19 January, 2020 5:29 pm

Hi Carline
Can you kindly explain to me why there is no proper housing auction in Spain like it is in UK or elsewhere in the world?
I am very much interested in this subject as my daughter wants to do her Master’s in Spanish Property Market and I suggested to her to include the almost non existence Private Housing Auctions plus Bank Repossessions.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in an anticipation

Yours faithfully

Periss Akrawi

Oscar Paoli

20 January, 2020 3:35 pm

Hi Periss,
To be honest we are not sure why it is not done like in other countries, but some information that we have received in the past has been that is has beed tested out in other formats, but they have not succeeded, might be lack of interest or simply the bureaucracy of the Spanish system.

Sorry we are not able to give you a straight forward answer.

Kind regards,
Ábaco Advisers

Susan McElroy

3 September, 2021 7:31 pm

I own 23.000 sq meters in Cocentaina I want to take it to Auction for a quick sale can you tell me what the procedure is and I need a contact name I live in UK
I have the necessary information as to the position
Of the land
Please contact me ASAP to put my land in the Auction

Oscar Paoli

7 September, 2021 11:39 am

Dear Susan,

Many thanks for your e-mail. In order to sell your property in auction you will need the service of an specialised estate agency. As it is not the case of a judicial auction, the terms and process will vary depending on the agency. Usually, the the total term to complete the process can take 30-90 days. A minimum price is settled and a deposit depending on the price of the property must be paid by all those who want to make an offer. In Spain there are many companies specialies in this kind of sale, please contact us for more information at

Kind regards,

Ábaco Advisers

Sally Williams

13 November, 2021 1:48 pm

Good Afternoon
My property in Marbella was repossessed by Barclays Bank and sold in 2015
My conveying lawyer has recently offered my 18k as part of the equity my ex husband gave him his power of attorney and received the money .However I will not just yet as he will not give me any paperwork to confirm what the full equity was & I believe there is more money involved
Is this something you can help me with or know of anyone who can
Thankyou in advance
Kindest regards
Sally Williams

Oscar Paoli

15 November, 2021 8:40 am

Hi Sally,

Unfortunately we do not deal with these matters directly, but we can recommend you contact the firm Pérez Legal Group in Marbella who can surely assist you in the matter.

With kind regards,

Ábaco Advisers

Judith McKinlay

21 February, 2023 10:20 am

I have a property in Spain Los balconies been on market 6 months and nothing l am in the uk can you help

What’s the fees for seller does this work? If not sold is there any fees

Oscar Paoli

21 February, 2023 10:22 am

Hi Judith,

Please contact us at and we will assist you in the selling process and we can send you information of the process.

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,

Ábaco Advisers

Judith McKinlay

21 February, 2023 10:22 am

I have a property in Spain to sell Los balconies been on market 6 months and nothing l am in the uk can you help

What’s the fees for seller does this work? If not sold is there any fees

Oscar Paoli

21 February, 2023 2:15 pm

Hi Judith,
If you wish to contact us at we will be happy to give you more information in regards to the sale process.
Best regards,
Ábaco Advisers