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Legal representation in Spain

Last updated on October 28th, 2019 at 04:06 pm.

When buying a property in Spain the additional costs of the buying process can soon add up. Paying for a solicitor is one of the main additional expenses that people incur and it is understandable that they might look for a short cut to reduce the cost of this.

One of these short cuts can be using the legal representation offered by a different professional involved in the Spanish real estate market. This person may not be a lawyer but could be an estate agent, a broker or even a translator.

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It’s not to question the professionalism of the vast majority, but care should be taken if a professional who is not a lawyer is handling the legal work for a house whose purchase they are involved in. These other professionals will be keen to ensure that the sale goes through and that they receive their commission and this means that they are not fully independent. Even in the case where they are also a lawyer, impartiality can be questioned for the same reason.

It is vital that you have legal representation that checks irregularities and ensures that a property is given a clean bill of health. We strongly recommend that you employ an independent lawyer in Spain who is registered at a Solicitors Bar, to do this. This lawyer will protect the interests of both parties without being influenced by either of them.

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It is vital that the correct checks are made and that certificates and licences are present. Omitting to do this has led to difficulties with homes purchased in the past, causing distress to those involved. It is vital, we believe, when purchasing a property in Spain that you have solicitor or lawyer who will represent your interests and make all the necessary legal checks before you make any payments or sign any contracts.

A house costs thousands of euros and represents the biggest purchasing decision people make. Why take a risk? Far better to invest in a solicitor who you can trust to protect your interests.

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