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Twenty reasons why the British will return to Spain

The Telegraph newspaper listed their 20 reasons why British holiday makers would continue to come to Spain. The Spanish paper, ABC picked up the idea and translated the article into Spanish. Here we summarise the points for you – do you agree? 

We live in unprecedented times. Who would have guessed this time last year that we could be living through a pandemic fit for a Hollywood blockbuster? But we have been and now it seems like we are on the road to return to something resembling normality.

There is huge speculation – what will be the longer term impact on our lives? Particular questions hover around tourism and the retail and hospitality trades. But, flights permitting, it looks as though The Telegraph and ABC don’t think the British are likely to stay away from Spain for very long.

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They’ll be back because of:

1. …the famous routes to walk

Whether it’s for pilgrimage or just to take in the wonderful countryside – the ‘caminos’ in Spain will remain a popular attraction. The first that comes to mind is the Camino de Santiago which continues to see thousands of British holiday makers taking this well-trodden route on an annual basis. It’s on many people’s bucket lists and isn’t likely to lose its footing.

2. … fiestas!

The fiestas, festivals and other celebrations throughout the year in Spain are well-known and popular. Some of them might have been suspended this year but we know they’ll be back at the first opportunity.

3. …long lunches

The Spanish certainly know how to make their lunches last. With the summer heat and followed by a siesta, they are the perfect recipe for those with time to kill and a love of fine food. Whether it’s paella in the countryside or on the beach, accompanied by a jug of sangria – well it’s a hard combination to beat.  

4. …The Alhambra

This fabulous palace in Granada is also a bucket list destination. It’s both romantic and awe-inspiring and counts as one of the greatest buildings in the world. It also happens to be in the footholds of the Sierra Nevada making it an ideal location for a skiing as well as a sightseeing holiday.

5. …jamón (ham)

Ok. The British produce ham too but you won’t find the thousands of varieties to meet every taste and pocket as you will in Spain. A plate of the finest along with a glass of wine is a simple pleasure to enjoy and wouldn’t be the same anywhere else.

6. …Gaudí

Spain has got its fair share of great masters and architects. One of the finest being Gaudí. If you have chance to visit Barcelona you cannot leave without first visiting at least one of his creations. Take your pick from Casa Milá or Casa Batiló or why not take a leisurely walk around Park Güell. And, of course, the Sagrada Família is still a work in progress.

7. …places to discover

You might think you’ve found everything to find in Spain but you won’t have. Spain is a country of hidden jewels. Round every corner there is something new and discovering them has become a lifetime’s work for some people. You might start out by checking the travel agents’ brochures but, by the time you’ve done, you’ll be out on your own discovering your very own favourite Spanish secrets.

8. …the white villages

They’re nestling on a hillside, little white cottages all the way down to the valley. There are winding streets and overhanging baskets of flowers. Places out of a dream you once had and perfect for you to saunter around in the cool of the early evening.

9. …Paradores

It sounds like ‘paradise’ and some of these state-owned hotels are. Who would have thought that a hotel chain could throw up such fabulous places to stay as old palaces, castles and monasteries. The service and some of the products on offer might remind you that there is more than one, but in every other way we are talking about unique, high-quality places to stay in Spain.

10. …fast trains

Spain might have a reputation for being a little laid back but that certainly doesn’t apply to its AVE rail network. Speed is of the essence and along the main routes around the country you can expect to get from A to B in record time. Why not combine travelling on these super efficient trains with visiting different parts of the country?

11. …slow trains

OK, didn’t we just say that Spain is renowned for its fast trains? Yes, but its slow trains have something different to offer too. If speed isn’t so important and what you’re after is a leisurely and relaxing ride then this could be the way to travel for you. Take in the views, the countryside and the white villages – stop off when you feel like it and board again when you’re ready. After all, need there be a rush?

12. …social distancing

Haven’t you had enough? Well if you are someone who prefers space and isolation to bustle and crowds then Spain can offer that too. In between the few crowded resorts and busy cities you’ll find acres and acres of sparsely populated territory where you can wander to your heart’s content without meeting a soul.

13. …wine tours

Spain grows grapes and lots of them. Over the past few years, visiting vineyards and sampling their wines has become an increasingly popular type of tourism. And why not? Many bodegas now open their doors to tourists who are invited in to see behind the scenes of the wine industry and sample the product.

14. …seafood

It’s no longer the case that British people turn up their nose at the sight of a squid or a selection of octopus. It might not be to everybody’s taste but seafood has become more and more popular in Britain and where better to try it than as tapas on the shores of the Mediterranean.

15. …the beaches

You might be surprised that beaches weren’t listed earlier in this article. But need we say more? Spain’s beaches are legendary and everyone has their own, personal favourite. Whether it’s kite surfing, kayaking, or water skiing you’re after. Whether you like messing around in boats or just lying in a hammock on a beach, Spain can deliver.

16. …tapas in Seville

Of course, you can sample traditional Spanish tapas anywhere but the tapas in Seville comes in for an honorary mention. It’s a wonderful tradition and a great way of eating. After all, who wants hunger to be satisfied with just one plate when you can sample from different kinds of dishes.

17. …the night life

In the summer the evening doesn’t start till way after the average British person is in bed. As the sun goes down, the evening begins with a long, leisurely meal that can last until after midnight followed by dancing in to the small, and not so small, hours of the morning. There is something very special about the summer evenings in Spain and without the manic last orders at the bar, who wouldn’t be persuaded to stay out that little bit longer.

18. …Art

Every city has its own selection of art museums and if you are a connoisseur (or even if you’re not) you really should take your time to visit these galleries and enjoy their selection of art work from Spain and around the world.

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19. …a little aperitif

It’s part of Spanish culture, sharing a beer or a glass of wine with friends and a bite to eat. It doesn’t have to be a heavy session or last thing at night, just a pause in the day at the weekends or during holidays to share stories and catch up.

20. …the mountains

The mountain ranges in Spain are breath taking. In fact, settling in these hilly out of the way places has been the subject of many ‘move to Spain’ books. If you enjoy a mountain trek, a hike or a hack on horseback you’ll be spoilt for choice.

So are you tempted? We know you can’t jump on an aeroplane just yet, but we’re sure it won’t be long before you can book your flight, or take your ferry to come and join us. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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30 April, 2020 5:49 pm

I personally can’t wait to return. I was there during Spain’s first 2 weeks of #lockdown and only hope that things have improved enough for all of us, to be allowed to travel , so that we may return very soon to the places we love and hold dear in our hearts.

Oscar Paoli

2 May, 2020 7:44 pm

We really hope so too!