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Spanish will: Advantages and the process

Wills in Spain

Making plans and arrangements for when you die isn’t easy. However, it is an important process to go through and perhaps even more so when you have property in another country. There are many differences in the way inheritance works in Spain in comparison to elsewhere. It is important that you know what it entails […]

Understanding Spanish inheritance law

Spanish inheritance law is different from other European nations, so it’s important you understand the nuances when putting your affairs in order.  It might not be the most cheerful subject, but it is important that you make sure that you understand Spanish law when you’re writing your will. Taking action now can ensure that your […]

Make your inheritance plans and take control

If you have property in Spain you will want to have arrangements in place so that everything goes smoothly when you die. It’s a difficult subject, but failing to look ahead can leave your inheritors with unexpected inheritance tax bills. Nobody is really prepared for a bereavement but unfortunately all legalities need to be completed […]

Should I make a Spanish will?

Now, we interview our expert, María Wiedemann, from our Legal Department to find out just what the advantages are of making a will in Spain and what the disadvantages can be, if you don’t. Maria Wiedemann has been helping foreigners in Spain protect their assets for 16 years. As a qualified lawyer, she understands exactly […]

Thinking ahead when it comes to inheritance

It’s not a subject that we like to talk about. However, not preparing for when you die can leave those you love with additional arrangements to make. Ábaco’s Inheritance Planning Pack can help answer those difficult questions and prepare for when the time comes. You have spent many years building up your assets through hard […]

Leaving everything in order

If you have property in Spain you will want to have arrangements in place so that everything goes smoothly when you die. It’s a difficult subject, but failing to prepare can leave your inheritors with unexpected inheritance tax bills. We can all be reluctant to make plans for when we or a loved one dies. […]

Four steps to managing your Spanish inheritance

You have enough to cope with when someone close to you dies without adding the additional complications that come with managing Spanish inheritance. In this article we suggest four steps you might take if Spanish property has been left to you. When someone close to you dies you have many emotions to deal with. No […]

Abandoned property

The Spanish inheritance procedure is complicated and the requirement to pay Spanish inheritance tax can make the transfer of property more difficult. Making a Spanish will can help inheritors in the long run. You quite often see them in Spain. Abandoned properties, sometimes in the middle of nowhere but they can also be on urbanisations […]

Inheritors at different levels

In Spain there are different levels of allowance you can receive before inheritance tax must be paid. The allowance is dependent upon the inheritor’s relationship to the deceased. This article provides information about the different inheritance groups. It comes as a surprise to some people. Not only is inheritance tax applied in Spain but inheritors […]

Inheritance claims and power of attorney

Could your dreams of enjoying Spain, its climate and lifestyle, be taken over by a series of unfortunate events? We plan for our retirement, we look forward to putting the alarm clock away and then – we’ve all heard the stories, “He had his retirement party on the Friday, was dead on the Saturday.” It […]

Don’t let your inheritors get caught out

When a loved one dies that last thing you want is to struggle settling inheritance issues. Unfortunately, in Spain, the differences in procedures and laws can mean that inheritors have difficulty in managing the inheritance process. One of the surprises that foreigners with property here encounter is when it comes to selling the property. Unlike […]

Time frame to complete the Inheritance process in Spain

Nobody is really prepared for a bereavement, but unfortunately all legalities need to be completed within a certain time limit. In our country there is no transfer of ownership from deceased to inheritor automatically upon decease, on the contrary in Spain it is necessary to sign a new title deed where the estate registered in […]

Make sure you meet the inheritance deadline

When someone close to you dies the last thing you want to have to think about are the legal arrangements. Unfortunately, however great the pain might be, time is already ticking on the inheritance process. Many people who have a property interest in Spain are not aware that all the legalities must be completed within […]

Clearing up worries about Spanish inheritance

One of the questions that’s most frequently asked in our offices is – how much Spanish inheritance tax will I have to pay? We receive enquiries every week from the recently bereaved who are not only coming to terms with the death of a close relative but also the fact that inheritance in Spain can […]

Spanish inheritance tax examples

How much might the inheritance tax be? Every case is unique. However, below are some case study examples to give you an idea of how much inheritance tax there might be to pay. The differences in the amount to pay are linked to your status as a resident or non-resident, your relationship to the deceased […]