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Building your own swimming pool in Spain

Swimming pool in Spain

Over the past few months we have had plenty of opportunity to consider the strengths and weaknesses of our homes. Perhaps one of the prime considerations as the weather heats up is how to keep cool. If you’re thinking of a swimming pool as the answer, we have some advice about how to build your […]

A new urban law that affects rustic properties

Did you know that even minor home improvements and refurbishments need planning permission in Spain? The town hall must give a licence for work to go ahead or you risk a hefty financial penalty. In this article we explain about building licences and what you can do if they’re missing. You need permission whether it’s […]

Clamp down on building work in Spain

Have you made any of these improvements to your Spanish property? built a shed enclosed your conservatory by installing windows built a conservatory built a swimming pool paved the patio increased the height of a wall installed solar panels If you have or if you’ve made any other minor changes to the exterior of your […]

Not quite perfect. Dealing with defects.

What happens when your dream home in Spain turns out to be not quite as perfect as you thought at first? What can you do when you spot defects in your new Spanish property? The good news is that there are laws to protect you from those annoying little, and large, problems with your home […]