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Swimming pools in Spain

They look lovely and inviting, particularly in summer. However, having a swimming pool in Spain also brings with it some responsibilities. They need upkeep throughout the year and their maintenance can be particularly heavy during the summer season.

If you live on an urbanisation where there is a shared pool this removes some of the individual responsibility but you will have to pay towards the pool’s upkeep. Your pool will also have rules about its use and you will be held responsible if your guests or those renting your property are breaking them. Any rules there are should be listed in the community statutes (Estatuto de la Comunidad).

Of course, this shouldn’t put you off and if you do want to build a pool in Spain and have plenty of land surrounding your property than it can be a good investment and certainly an excellent way of cooling off during the hot summer months. To build one you will need to have:

  • Planning permission from the local town hall
  • Permission from the community of owners

Building a swimming pool is considered to be an ‘Obra Mayor’ (major work) and an architect’s drawing will be needed. Your community of owners will need to support your application and vote on this at the next AGM (Annual General Meeting) or EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting). Your swimming pool in Spain will also need to be included in your deeds in order to avoid problems when it comes to selling or bequeathing your property.

Once you have your pool in place then here are some hints for keeping it in pristine condition:

  • Try and avoid people plastering on the sun tan lotion and then jumping in the pool – ask people to shower before they take a dip
  • Watch out for small objects getting caught in the mechanical parts of the pool.  It is advisable to ban anything other than  large inflatables
  • Keep glass and bottles well away from the pool. Broken glass is a dangerous hazard and if it’s in the pool it is very hard to spot. Your pool would probably need to be drained as a result.
  • Regularly check the PH levels and administer the appropriate chemicals to keep the water clean and bacteria free

With the right planning, preparation and level of care, your pool will add value to your property and your summers.

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