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Tax, tea and travel – in Fortuna

Last updated on September 13th, 2019 at 09:10 am.

During March we welcomed people into our offices to answer their questions about tax and legal matters. However, we know that not everyone can make it to Torrevieja or Alicante. That’s why we’ve been running our ‘Tax, tea and travel’ roadshow.

We started off by visiting Algorfa and then followed it up with an event in La Zenia. We kept the momentum going and this time travelled a little further down south to Mazarron. Now we are holding another one, this time in Fortuna.

The venue is Café Teatro, Leana Balneario, Fortuna, and we will be there on Tuesday April 8th from 11.00 until 1.00pm.

What’s it about?

We begin with a little quiz that raises some of the main concerns that residents have in Spain around the subject of tax and inheritance. We try to cover all the worries and questions that you have.

We have noticed that people are particularly concerned about the Spanish succession law and the way that different rules apply when it comes to inheritance tax in Spain. Those attending our events have wanted to know more about wills, the 720 and council tax. We’ve been surprised at how much people don’t know.

We lighten the mood a little with information about Imserso, the subsidised Spanish holiday programme. These holidays are available to resident pensioners of all nationalities and we have already helped hundreds of British, Irish and Scandinavian residents register. During the event we take your details in preparation for the registration process.  

Benefits for clients

If you are a client already you should have no worries about either tax or inheritance. However, you might still like to come along and take the opportunity to bring your paperwork rather than visiting us in our offices in Torrevieja. Why not bring a friend along too?

We can’t promise that our event will make Spanish tax or inheritance the most interesting of subjects, however, we can promise that we’ll be able to throw some light on two complex and important subjects in as pleasant and informal an environment as we can.    

If you would like to know more contact Jane by telephone on 96 670 3748 or by email

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