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Problems with noise in Spain

Noisy neighbours, barking dogs, bars and restaurants playing music to the early hours. We’re often asked what can be done about noise in Spain. In this article Marina Lorente from our legal department looks at the issue and the possible actions that can be taken. Spain is not renowned for being the most restrained of […]

What is the perfect recipe for paella?

Jamie Oliver certainly caused a storm when he recommended that paella be made with chorizo. Eduardo Simón from the Customer Care Department at Ábaco explains what should and shouldn’t be in this very important Spanish dish.  What conjures up Spain more than a large, colourful paella? It’s a truly fabulous dish, not only because of […]

What is carnaval?

Carnaval, the Spanish spelling of carnival, is quite an event in many parts of Spain. It can also be something of a conundrum if you are not a native of the country. In this article we delve a little into what ‘carnaval’ is all about. It’s February in Spain and it’s not warm. At night […]

Enjoying Spain on a Harley

When Bob Bray first fell in love with Harley Davidsons at eight years old he didn’t envisage that he would be touring Spain on one. Now, he plans to share the varied and marvellous scenery with his wife too. ‘I was in Bognor Regis when I saw my first Harley Davidson. It was love at […]

Which country should you choose?

The HSBC survey aims to give people an opportunity to see how others rate the country they’ve moved to. In this article we look at the overall results and summarise opinions on Spain. If you live in Spain but are of a different nationality, what made you choose this country and not another one? For […]

Enjoy the travelling lifestyle with a campervan

Some people have a travelling vein in their body. They simply can’t stay in one place for too long. Some people take advantage of their early twenties to tour foreign countries whilst others prefer to wait until they retire. Some, make it a life choice earlier. The campervan is a popular way of combining a […]

Cheap flights – good or bad?

Most people with property in Spain have enjoyed cheap flights for a few years. Without doubt it’s one of the reasons why people choose property here. With good, predictable warm weather in the summer and milder winters on the coast, you’re not far away from family and friends either. If it’s a holiday home you’ve […]

Dentists in Spain

If you come out to live in Spain it’s not only healthcare that you need to organize. You need to look after your teeth too. Spain Explained spoke to Dr. Ian Smith from Carredent Dental Practice about his experience of being a dentist in Spain. There can be few people who enjoy going to the […]

Schools in Spain

You’ve made the bold decision to move your family to Spain. With children to consider, your priority must be, how will they fit in too? It’s no easy matter moving your whole family abroad. The paper work itself can take an age to do and then you have the schools to consider. Unlike in some […]

Consulates and embassies – what can they do for you?

In many respects we hope you never have to use either a consulate or an embassy.  A visit to either of these outposts in someone else’s native country is usually a sign that something has gone wrong. The holiday maker who has lost their passport or the resident who has got into trouble with the […]

Help Vega Baja

Help vega baja

Help Vega Baja is a not-for-profit association, helping people out in the local community. In our question and answer session they explain what they do, how they might help you and how you could help them too. Who are you? HELP Vega Baja was established more than 30 years ago and during that period has […]

Seeking employment in Spain

It’s a sad fact; in most European countries currently work is in short supply. The unemployment figures fluctuate but the trend is still down and we are seeing generally a better-qualified workforce earning less, if they’re earning at all. Some employers are exploiting the situation with zero-hour contracts, internships or through employing migrants at low […]

All I want for Christmas… is to be somewhere else

Do you like celebrating Christmas at home? Is your idea of the ideal Christmas one that involves your home hearth, slippers and a good helping of turkey? Or do your prefer to slip away and let someone else do all the donkey work? Most people fall into one of two groups – those who want […]

Where to shop in Costa Blanca South

Love them or hate them, the out-of-town commercial centre is here to stay.  Their presence in Spain has gradually increased over the past ten years. They do have their advantages. You can leave your car in one place whilst you browse amongst all the major high street shops. Parking is easy and usually free and […]

What to do about noise in Spain

Walk out into a bar or café area late at night in summer in Spain and you will be greeted by chatter. The Spanish talk, and often seem to talk loudly. Everyone seems to have a comment to make and usually at the same time. Depending on your view point this can be a wonderful, […]

Books about Spain

The reasons why people buy a house in Spain are varied. Many people would admit that the weather was a significant draw here. However, culture, food, pace of life, fiestas, a rich history are all reasons given for making this financial investment. But how much do you really know about the country you have invested […]

Dealing with an emergency in Spain

We all hope that the need will never arise, but it is important to be prepared for an emergency in Spain – just in case. In many respects the Spanish emergency services work in a very similar way to most other countries. The European emergency number is 112. You might help a child to remember […]

Spanish padel tennis

In another blog I have written about the sport of pelota/ pilota – a ball game traditionally linked to Spain. Not unlike pelota, Spanish padel tennis has strong associations with Spanish-speaking countries. However,  it is not as old a sport and was developed in the late sixties in South America. It was then introduced into […]

Pelota – fast and furious

Most Spanish sports and recreational activities are not much different from what you would find anywhere in the world. The Spanish love of football needs no coverage and Spaniards continue to excel in many sports such as tennis, golf and motor racing. However, there are one or two more unusual Spanish sports that you may […]

Bringing your pet to Spain

If you have been frustrated by the intransigence of the European quarantine laws when organising pet travel to Spain, then you might be delighted to hear that there are plans for the laws to be relaxed. New EU legislation has been proposed that will apply to cats, dogs and ferrets that should make the process […]

The Spanish Market

As you would expect, a Spanish market is noisy and colourful with its fair share of ‘characters’. People watching is a good pastime at a market in Spain. Find yourself a spot at one of the little bars or side cafes and observe the hustle and bustle from there. Although you might struggle to find […]

The best countries to be a mum

It should be a very special time. However, for many women across the world pregnancy and childbirth are very dangerous periods of their lives. ‘Surviving the First Day: State of the World’s Mothers 2013’ is a report by Save the Children. It was produced on commemoration of Mother’s Day and provides the shocking statistic that […]

The blanket trip

The subject of blanket trips in Spain seems to attract very different opinions. For some people these ‘free’ trips with a hidden agenda are something to be avoided. For others they are a good way of spending a day at someone else’s expense. In case you weren’t aware, a blanket trip in Spain is usually […]


A spot of shopping in Spain

The number of shopping malls and retail parks is spiralling in Spain. There are a number of advantages to using these sites. Perhaps most attractive for many is the fact that they are usually open throughout the day rather than sticking to the traditional Spanish opening times of 9.00 until 2.00pm and 5.00pm until late. […]

It’s Christmas!

What does Christmas mean to you? Is it a time to reflect and remember, a time to look forward and plan or a time – just to get over? The yuletide season has a habit of bringing out the best and worst in people. Families squashed together during the compulsory 25th celebration can soon start […]